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Fourteen years ago today I adopted my first Greyhound, John. Since that day, Greyhounds--and then Borzoi and Galgos and the
Greyhound racing in the US has been steadily declining for over 20 years. In 2015 I was invited to give
Once a potential adopter complained about my terrible "customer service". Recently a man likened the experience of adopting a dog
As the holidays approach, the world slows down. It happens in the Federal government, in the commercial sector, and--sometimes most
There are good days and there are bad days . . . and sometimes they're the same days. Yesterday we
Only two days after her arrival, little Miss Elle broke her leg badly going down the stairs of her foster
Yesterday the SHUG family lost Joe, aka White Squirrel. (Yes, really. His racing name was White Squirrel and he was
When I first met Winter the Borzoi over two years ago, I knew immediately that he had osteosarcoma. I'd been
Goodbye, 2016. Most of us are quite happy to see you go. For many in the SHUG family this year
Johnny Jazz, August 30, 2002 - October 26, 2016 On Wednesday SHUG lost its founding member and the heart of
Do you remember the story about bacon . . . um, I mean Reyna? Reyna was a very shy galga
I'm not going to lie. The first half of 2016 had been kind of rough in many ways. In fact,
UPDATE: Despite his initial good prognosis, Ghost passed away during his surgery. The vet was able to untwist his stomach
We don't know Tonka's whole story. In fact, we know less than a week of it. But what we do
It's all in the ears. Those of us who know and love Podencos will tell you that one of the
The snow is coming! The snow is coming! If you're on the east coast--or even the eastern half of the
Are you ready to ring in the New Year the Sighthound way? Yes, we do mean in bed. From all
As we approached the end of the year, the SHUG Team decided to take a break. We made the decision
If you submit an application to SHUG and you have an electronic or invisible fence, we're going to say no.
It's December . . . have your dogs seen the vet this year? If not, it's time to schedule an
This is John. John is an old fart. He's been an old fart for quite a while and when he turned 13
How can you help more adoptable dogs get the spays and neuters they need to join their new families? By
The Sighthound Underground can’t do what it does without foster homes. And we have some awesome foster homes – from
As most of our supporters know by now, SHUG has a flat adoption fee of $650 for imported dogs. Our
We adopted Indy (Jax Intrepid) in September 2013 after losing our previous greyhound to bone cancer. A couple of days
Some tips and tricks to keep your Golden Oldies shining into their twilight years . . . Mobility Assistance Next
I’ve often been asked why I adopt and love senior Sighthounds so much. There’s a good reason I get that
It was a Saturday, and Sophie, my Galga was breathing a little oddly -- a bit fast and shallow. She
If they were at the prom, they’d be hanging out by the punch bowl, pretty in their dresses and corsages,
You may have seen our recent GoFundMe campaign to raise money to buy SHUG an RV. In the last two
Fireworks are great. Well, they’re not great if you have a noise-sensitive or thunder-phobic pup. Actually, sometimes they’re not great
First Person: Winter TallDog’s Happily Ever After Winter is a two-year-old Borzoi who came to SHUG with a diagnosis of
A decade ago acupuncture for your dog may have seemed pretty extreme, but today more and more dog owners are
In the late 1990s, while living in Florida, my husband and I admired ex-racing greyhounds for adoption, but our lifestyle
This week SHUG has some Lovely Lurchers looking for their forever homes! Willy and Goldie were rescued by the American
We’re not making this up. It really is National Eat Your Vegetables Day. But we’re not going to lecture you
I got the best birthday present ever - a forever home! My mom and dad are a little slow on
There's a new book coming out in the fall about Galgos. By Martin Usborne, “Where Hunting Dogs Rest” will highlight
Copa looks good in oil (courtesy of his foster mom, the painter). He also looks good in person. His foster
Jarno, the fawn Galgo, was running wild in the streets of his native Spain and suffering from mange, but he
Or, in this case, the geraniums. Here, Thomas the galgo, is enjoying the foster hospitality of Mandy Simpson, in Spain.
This little fawn Galga is barely 2 years old, totally housebroken – and cat safe. Her foster mom says, and
Jasmine the lurcher didn't look like a diamond when she first arrived at her foster home. As we wrote earlier,
Oh, how we wish they would stay with us a little longer. How we wish the bridge was just a
Bailey would like to respectfully reserve the right to stay right here until Tuesday or maybe Wednesday.
Spring is in the air and, as usual, severe weather came with it. Tornadoes have recently turned deadly in the
Really, few things are worse than your dog showing up at your back door covered in eau d’ skunk. Tristi,
Happy Mother’s Day to all the two-legged and four-legged Mom’s out there. We hope that every last one of Settie’s
Dear Friends: I'm a wonderful young man and very handsome, if I do say so myself. My first time away
JoJo, the pretty little saluki mix, says Cinco de Mayo is the perfect time to put in an application for
It was a heart-lifting story that started in October of 2013 -- the Sighthound community rallied around two Italian Greyhounds in need
Remember Reyna, our little galga runner? She spent several days exploring the wilds of Dumfries, Va., earlier this year. Lured
Our suggestion: Excuse me, but can't you see I'm bathing here?! Now, give us your ideas!
Well, adventures might not be the right word. Trials and tribulations might be more accurate. But there is a mostly
Alex says honor the day by sniffing a tree. He says you can also plant a tree or hug a
According to new research published in the journal Science our dogs really do love us, and we really love them.
Jasmine may not have Orphan Annie’s red hair, but she knows life can be hard. This little lurcher girl was
Yes, it’s officially National Volunteer Week. And SHUG dogs want to toast all the volunteers – all around the world
Having kids does not mean you can’t have dogs. It does mean you have to understand how to best make
Yup, the weather is getting warmer and the little evil blood suckers better known as ticks and fleas are heading
. . . please don't even think about bothering me. Check back in a few days, like maybe Friday.
Hello everyone, Zetti here. My foster mom decided to let me tell you about myself and the kind of home
SHUG Adopter Beth’s senior Whippet, Henry, lost his battle with cancer recently, leaving behind Jake, the Whippet, and Sophie, the
I saw Pinta the Podenco for the first time on February 1st on the Facebook page, Podenco Friends. I read
. . . from Murphy, who despite his name is an Afghan/Ibizan hound and has not a drop of the
I feel stupid for crying when I got Winter's official biopsy results. After all, I was the one who said
We stayed at the doggie ER until they could evaluate Mo and come up with a plan for overnight. Neurology
Mosquetero left Galgos del Sol, a shelter in the south of Spain on Saturday, Oct. 12, 2013. He flew to JFK
SHUG appears to do a good job of moving dogs from foster homes to forever homes, from foster homes to
Did you put your clocks ahead? Polly says she doesn't care what time it is. It's still winter and she
UPDATE: Winter is out of surgery! He's still seeing pink elephants but he's awake and did great! Remember, if you
Cat-Zapper – A dog with a decided lack of appreciation for the pet quality of kitties Chip, Chipping, Chipper –
My husband and I adopted a Galga about a year ago. She was a lovely dog, and was perfect for
February is Doggie Dental Month and it’s a perfect time to touch on a few ways to keep your pup’s
. . . to everyone who has ever loved a dog. We hope the holiday brings you chocolate hearts and
Jojo – the little two-year-old saluki mix with one wonky leg -- was rescued from the streets of Kuwait and
John is the resident "nanny" at SHUG HQ and has put up with everything from puppies to baby chicks. The
So says Bailey-the-Saluki, who is all set for the Super Bowl, complete with his T-Mobile sponsored "12th man" shirt. And
Here's our Director's daughter with Slip Knot 101. Our new official motto is "we'd rather have a dislocated shoulder than
Reyna is one of the most traumatized dogs that SHUG has had in foster care. In Spain, Reyna belonged to
Melissa Siedenstrang, a certified professional dog trainer and Canine Good Citizen evaluator, had high hopes for Georgio – the handsome,
Although SHUG only adopts to homes in the U.S. and Canada, there are many Sighthound lovers around the world who
SHUG tries very hard to maintain our public spaces--the website and Facebook page--as positive places. We don't post the horror
About a year after I adopted Phil, my retired racing Greyhound, I felt like he was lonely. I started fostering
Most Sighthound people – the Borzoi parents are giving us blank looks – know the importance of keeping pups warm
When we started SHUG in 2012, I thought we'd save maybe a dozen dogs a year. Our first year we
10. Garbage in, garbage out! It's time to take a good look at what goes into--and out of--your dog. If
Congratulations! You’ve just adopted a Sighthound! Now what? Well, here are some tips and tricks to start your new family
Have we got a solution for you! You have a few days left to reduce your 2014 tax bill with
. . . and all through the house not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse. Merry Christmas greetings
Please, Santa, all I want for Christmas is a loving, forever home of my own. I’m retired from having babies
You may have noticed we have a thing for gimpy dogs around here. Unfortunately, the word has gotten out. Back
Please, Santa, all I want for Christmas is a loving, forever home of my own. I’m told I’m especially cute.
Please, Santa, all I want for Christmas is a loving forever home of my own. I think life is pretty
Ok, we know there are way more than 10. Every Sighthound needs 10 martingale collars alone. But this list is
Please, Santa, all I want for Christmas is a loving forever home of my own. Now, I’m not complaining about
Yes, it really is December – already and again. All the leaves have fallen, some places have snow on the
On July 10, 2013, my beloved Cozmo died. He wasn’t supposed to live as long as he did given his
With permission, we adapted a wonderful piece that ran last spring on the blog “Yes I Know, My Dogs Look
I happened upon the Sighthound Underground rescue group when surfing the web looking for Irish Wolfhounds.  My husband and I
I know we don’t say thank you enough – mostly because we’re too busy talking about poop – so I
If your “naughty” side of the ledger is getting a bit too long and you need some “nice” to balance
Hi!! I'm Camilla. I’m a six-year-old Galga looking for my forever home. What better time for that to happen than
“Happy Tail” sounds like a good thing. It really isn't. Happy tail is the term for the injury that occurs
I have two SHUG galgos and have been an avid follower of Tina Solera and Galgos del Sol since 2013.
. . . to take the time to honor the veterans in your life this Veteran's Day. They served on
Reyna is a five-year-old galga who needs an experienced, patient, sighthound-savvy home willing to convince this pretty girl that life
Yes, it’s true, the White House has declared November National Adoption Month. We fully support that sentiment for the two-legged
I knew when I adopted her she was something special. I have owned four dogs in my life -- beagle,
Okay, I'll let you in on a little secret . . . the Madrid Airlift was actually by sea! When
Tonya Christiansen’s Must Love Dogs pet store in Michigan is bright and modern-looking with the latest food, beds and cute
I adopted Klein at Greyhounds in Gettysburg, in Spring 2014. I wanted to adopt a senior black greyhound but I
There are two kinds of people in the world: Those who put costumes on their dogs and those who wish
And the doggie costume parade for the week begins! Be sure to check back on Friday when we have a
In the universal language of civilized society (and grumpy old people who go to bed at 8 p.m.) turning your
For today’s Foster Friday, we turn to Uzzy to speak for himself . . . I’d like to introduce myself.
Who is the most handsome greyhound of all? It's me, I think . . . (There's no doubt, darling. You're
As many of you know, one of our recently adopted Galgos went on the lam last week. While exploring his
Smart, loving, handsome – and always dressed for a black tie gala. What more can you want? Arlequin is a
I heard it's only 10 weeks until Christmas. Do you think anyone out there is asking Santa to bring them
If you’ve got dogs, you’ve got hair (well, unless you have a Mexican hairless, which we’re pretty sure you don’t.)
So a Greyhound and two Galgos go for a walk and . . . can you guess which dog is
Natural disasters--and even just really nasty weather--can strike anywhere. Just consider what heavy rains did to the Galgos del Sol shelter
Polly is a Spanish Galgo in foster care in New York, hanging with Tristi-the-Galgo and Jiffy-the-Greyhound. She’s looking for a
If you have any large, extra large or giant size airline crates hanging around now is your chance to get
It first began late on a Friday night when I noticed a random Facebook post about this tiny Podenca all
Be a part of the "Madrid Airlift!" With your help, the Sighthound Underground has rescued over 80 Galgos from Spain
No? It's Monday??!! I'm staying here, then. Feel free to check back in a few days.
All I wanted was a Greyhound. For years I would look at pictures and do research on the breed. Finally,
You might remember Hyekyo, the blond Afghan hound puppy rescued from South Korea. While almost an immediate foster fail, the
Looking for a dog that matches your wood floor? Do we have the pup for you! This is Uma, a
Just in time to join her siblings in Belated Birthday wishes, Wynter sends an update. If you read Wednesday’s update,
Yes, time flies and the darling Afghan/Ibizan hound puppies from Colorado had their first birthday last week. (Oops, we sort
Mariposa was SHUG's very first adopted dog -- back in February 2013. She was a charming little galga puppy. Today,
Retired racing Greyhound John – also known as St. John for his high tolerance for fosters – is one of
These pups are way too tuckered out to get up and deliver those wishes with more vigor. You see, they're
Exhibit A: Sebastian sharing his baby blanket and squeezing into the dog bed with his best buddy, Bailey-the-saluki.
Apparently August 26th is the annual, special day set aside since 2004 to “honor dogs more than we currently do,
It’s $650 to adopt a Galgo from Spain, and that includes their flight from Madrid, crate, neuter, vaccinations, etc.  
From Brad’s Foster Mom: Brad has been with us a week now so his personality is starting to show through.
Many people have asked about SHUG's policy on doggie doors and the answer is complicated, but here's the short version
So sings Kenny Chesney. Noble agrees. So do we! But don't look now.  The first day of school is right
Every rescue group has its own vision of the perfect adopter. Here at SHUG we try to take a flexible
We’re ending the week the way we began – with this cute, shy boy.   Joselito is a good boy
Reyna is a pretty galga, who, unfortunately, has seen the dark side of life. She is slowly learning that life
If Brad were in high school, he wouldn’t be the super star, the “best dressed” or the valedictorian. But he’d
Maxi has discovered screaming monkeys and other toys... and kids. She even chose to squeeze into a tiny spot on
Where our first girl, Polly, was reserved and quiet . . . well, this is Uma. Quite a different girl
Who you calling “beautiful”? Bernie would like everyone to know he’s handsome. And he certainly is. His foster mom says
You like galgos? We’ve got galgos! Thinking about adopting a galgo? We have galgos of all sizes, colors, ages, genders
Joselito is exhausted just thinking about it. What's a Galgopalooza, you ask? Check back on Monday and see for yourself.
Only one day to go before the weekend!!  
It’s July – and along with the cries of joy from those who love summer there are also cringes of
The headline was everything a rescue group doesn’t want to see: Why I’d Never Adopt a Shelter Dog Again.  
The beautiful Zara-the-Saluki would like to say . . . we interrupt this caption to say that photobomber Luke-the-galgo would
Are you a news junkie . . . A dog person? If yes, you might consider yourself particularly well informed
No words for this abuse. Shameful. Someone rescue her!   So here I am, happy to post these awesome pictures
It was hot and dirty and mom was doing her best to raise Faridah and his three brothers in the
Neve-the-Galgo celebrates her first Fourth of July as an American dog. She wishes everyone a wonderful Independence Day. She also
Sunday, May 18th, was Zero's fourth birthday . . . it was also the day his owner surrendered him to
The two brothers in the picture at right are the first and fifth of six siblings to be adopted. These six Galgo
    Jack-the-Lurcher takes his Mother Bunny on a potty break. Do you have a Mother Bunny who needs           some extra attention?
Who:               7-year-old female Where:           Virginia (but willing to relocate anywhere in the U.S. or Canada) Seeking:      
Do you like big brown eyes and white fuzzy eyebrows? (Really, who doesn't?) This pretty Galgo from Spain is also
Rock Creek Park is a delightful swath of 1,700 acres of dense forest, hiking trails, wildlife and bubbling creeks just
First Connor gets adopted by a wonderful family and goes to live in Anchorage where he makes friends with a
Beau and Bernie are Galgo/yellow lab crosses from Spain – and they are a blast. They are just under a
Hi, my name is Michael. And I touch poop. A lot. This is not, however, by choice. In fact, I
                                    Um, yeah, we think this needs no caption. Thanks to Baltimore Basenji for the photo.
Chuli, Jana, Maxima and Victoria – of course! All four of these flashy Galgos are available for adoption to homes
Autumn would like you to know that yesterday was World Turtle Day – and you missed it! But it’s not
Concha is on her way to Alaska! After spending yesterday hanging out with the crew at SHUG HQ--and being molested
Though we don't know the details, Usa, as a Spanish Galgo, no doubt had the usual precarious start in life
Yes, I can run. Fast. Fast. Fast. I’m a speedster. Yawn. Fast. Really fast. I still like to hit the
To veer into the financial world for a metaphor, a Really Reliable Recall isn't a CD--it's a savings account. The
While we honor our mothers on Sunday, let’s also give a shout out to all those brave and loving broodies
When Shakespeare penned "a rose by any other name," he clearly wasn't thinking of racing Greyhounds -- some of whom
There’s Jack Nicklaus. And Jack Daniels, Jack Kennedy, Jack O’Lantern, Jack Ryan and Jack Nicholson. And then there’s Jack the
If we were a painter, we'd call this: Portrait of a Precious Pup with Pillow.
Are you lucky enough to have a retired racing Greyhound (or two or three!) lounging on your couch? We are!
Although Peter Pumpkin was the product of an "oops litter," he had a good life. His owner kept Peter and
I take too many photos of my dogs. Said no dog-owner. Ever.   Smartphones and point-and-shoot digital cameras make it
He believes you are not taking National Adopt a Greyhound Galgo Month seriously enough. He says its time to check
The vet made a face when looking at Gus’ left eye during his annual check-up. He made weird clucking noises.
Their mama was a Galga, who had been abandoned to give birth on the streets of Spain. Their papa was
Snoopy wants you to know that means Spanish galgos, too. What's a galgo? Check this out. SHUG is bringing more galgos over
In a previous post, we talked in great detail about poop -- with pictures! -- but there is another side
Exhibit A: See photo. Yes, Julia the Ibizan puppy is cute. So is her littermate, Merri, aka Exhibit B. (And,
March 23rd was, apparently, International Puppy Day. We missed it! Oops. Our bad. The appropriate SHUG volunteer has been disciplined
There is an adage that much loved pets leave their paw prints on our hearts. While that is certainly true,
The definition of little dog safe.
At first glance, it might seem like the right thing to do. After all, you don't want to "sell" your
It’s a day Jorja Stephensen won’t soon forget. She was fostering a six-month-old puppy for SHUG and things were going
Dora and Davey are going through, shall we say, an awkward period. The three-month-old littermates were born in the U.S.
1. SHUG’s first dog was Mariposa, a Galgo puppy whose name means butterfly. She was adopted by Rachel Guthrie, who
I am a quiet type who doesn’t need a lot of room. I would do well in an apartment or
Kristie is all hooked up and ready to donate.   SHUG volunteers live all across the country, in big cities
Says Nizo-the-galgo, newly arrived in the U.S. from Spain. Is this the first time he's seen white stuff falling from the sky? Maybe.
They come in, often skinny and scared. They may smell funny. They might creep into the best bed. They need
Dusha was saved by a quick-thinking owner and timely CPR.   Kelly Mattiuz, of Arizona, had a medical background and
It was an “oops” breeding in Colorado between an Afghan hound and an Ibizan Hound, and SHUG first took four
First, she was hit by a car in her native Qatar. Then she came to SHUG with a surgically repaired
This is a Public Service Announcement from Piggy the faux Italian Greyhound:   Chocolate is dangerous to dogs. To safeguard their
No one knows where he came from, but somehow this sweet Greyhound boy found himself in a kill shelter overseas.
Athletes from around the world are meeting in Sochi, Russia their living rooms to test their skills against the best
Here at the Sighthound Underground we've gotten pretty good at smuggling transporting dogs. They come from all over the world
Isn’t Peter handsome? How cute is Jack? These two handsome boys are looking for a couch to call their own.
Just give me one minute with that stupid woodchuck and he'll never see his shadow again!
Samson-the-Saluki is willing to look this ridiculous just to make clear who he'll be rooting for on Sunday. Does your
We are a voice for the Galgos . . . and we are not alone. Will you join us? Starting
Well, in this case, the boy is Sonny, the borzoi. But he definitely does(heart) his soccer ball!
Rama, with her BFF Sebastian, is happily settled into life in the U.S.   You may remember our little Rama
Alma aka Fawn demonstrates her snow romping technique while the rest of us are so done with winter already.
  For once, Mandy Simspon of Galgos del Sol, said, it was easy. The brindle Galga had been running loose
My Dearest Subjects: I am Princess Binky. You may call me Your Highness or Your Majesty. (Once we get to
If you’re anything like us, you get pretty excited when there’s a "Sighthound Sighting" in a movie. We’ll even get
Sherry Van Dyke's sweet girl Pilar is home now, safe and warm on her own soft couch . . .
I may have some white on my muzzle. I may be a tad slower of step. I may have lost
And he asks, "What did you get for Christmas?" And the borzoi replies, "What kind of weird hat are you
From all of us here at SHUG to all of our adopters, volunteers, foster parents, and supporters around the globe
All these Galgos want for Christmas . . . is you! And your couch. And some toys and lots of
Our beloved pets do seem to enjoy the holidays – well, except when we make them wear hats.   They
Bearing gifts we travel so far Field and fountain, moor and mountain Following yonder star   O Star of wonder, star
We've been trying to find a nice way to tell you, so we held a meeting and decided it was
Mona Lisa’s life “before” is a big question mark. We do know she was about six and blind in one
Time and patience, good food, warm blankets, soft voices and the loving attention of other dogs are good medicine. For
This story, like most rescue stories, starts out bad. And then it gets worse.   Dottie and Joe were two
Nero says you may all now commence with holiday chaos. The Season To Be Jolly has officially begun. (Nero is
What do carrots, turkey, sweet potatoes and apples have in common? They’re all staples of an American Thanksgiving. But they’re
Our volunteers at SHUG do a great job of making our work look easy – even when it’s not. Over
10. You’ve bought a car specifically because of the number of tall, skinny dogs you could fit into it.  
Last week, we put out the first part of our Q&As for Sighthound owners. Here is the promised Part II:  
Sighthounds are special. Of course, all dogs are special and we all think our dogs are unique in some way
Who is this handsome hunk, you ask? He is one of the hot dogs featured in the SHUG's 2014 calendar.
Were you there? We were! The Sighthound Underground was very happy to have a booth at the Greyhounds Rock  conference
Happy Birthday to the Puppy Brigade!   Beth, Beauty, Boo, and Bobby – Galgo puppies that arrived from Spain just
Sighthound owners are obsessed with poop. It's a fact of life and we've grown to accept it. Since poop is
Oh, yes! Four of these little galgo goblins are headed to SHUG this weekend from Murcia, Spain. They're headed for
As John Steinbeck pointed out: The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry . . .  
“Speaking from the heart” is a good thing. “Warming the cockles of your heart” is a good thing. Heartworms –
Lovely Tazi, the saluki, gets on her early holiday season vibe thanks to the donation of Alibar Knits and the
She was the perfect girl right from the start – lying quietly in the back of the SHUG-mobile with four
Not long ago, a beautiful girl was rescued by one of the shelters we partner with in Spain. She had
What keeps you up at night? We did a recent blog post about the dangers of trusting your dog --
Last week the Ohio Lurcher Project asked us if we could take two senior Sighthounds. Lurchers are facing tough conditions
This week's blog brought to you by the letter Z.   A is for adorable but Z is for Zaina!
Your Sighthound can never go off-leash in an unfenced area. EVER. And we really, really mean that. It's Sighthound 101.
Dear Viewer: Please do not laugh at me. I am a very scary dragon. I'm working up to the whole fire-breathing
Awwww. You have to admit, these colorful dogs of uncertain breeding are super cute. And they are an important way
Many Sighthound owners have well documented collar obsessions.   If your Greyhound has never worn the same collar to a
If you've been paying attention, this story will sound familiar. A Saluki was hit by a car and left for
Why does SHUG bring puppies over from Spain and the Middle East for adoption to homes in North America? We
Sometimes it feels like it's raining dogs here at SHUG HQ. One of the questions we're often asked is where
If we didn’t fully realize before how interconnected dog rescue is – and how great things happen when people work
Lego, the Saluki from Qatar, gets his first swim therapy session. Don't let the pitiful expression fool you! He took
You can hear the weariness in the short Facebook post: As hunting season draws closer the injured and nonuseable Galgos
Let’s give props where they are due – Intrepid, a three-year-old ex-racing Greyhound, is awesome on walks. He doesn’t sniff
Racing Greyhounds wear plastic basket muzzles in the turn out pen and on the track. They keep the racers, which
SHUG -- the Sighthound Underground -- is a multi-breed global rescue formed in 2013 in the Washington D.C. area with
Scarlett – racing name Water Orchid – is an 11-year-old red greyhound who lost an eye to glaucoma. She is
The Sighthound Underground is not a big fan of dog parks. In fact, we're officially against taking your Sighthound to
SL Senator is a 4-year-old former racing greyhound from the track in Mobile, Alabama. He isn't a big boy--but he
Residents at Galgos del Sol, in Murcia, Spain, give some loving to Paul, an American who flew to Spain from
Caramel, a smooth, fawn Saluki, was hit by a car in her native Doha. Her owner chose to abandon her
Thank you so much for your support of this blog and our Facebook page. We now have over 2000 fans
Tilly is an "honorary" Italian greyhound recently adopted by one of our SHUG volunteers. Here she's getting a special treatment for
It's Borzoi week at the Sighthound Underground! Have you met Flower? Were you wowed by Marcus? Well, guess what? Two
Some of you may remember Pilar, the beautiful white fuzzy Galgo who was thrown down a well in her native
Like many rescue groups, SHUG relies heavily on foster homes to complete its mission. The more foster homes we have,
So you’ve followed us on Facebook, read our blog posts, and now you've started dreaming about one of our SHUGer
It’s been a tough few weeks for some of the volunteers and supporters of SHUG. An unusually large number of
Every six weeks or so, Wynn, a retired racing greyhound, eagerly waits for his turn to be lifted on a
You might have seen the videos on our Facebook page – cute dogs in bright yellow flotation vests paddling around
You may remember Mariposa AKA the cutest fawn puppy ever and one of the very first SHUGer Babies! She was
The plight of the Spanish Galgo is important to understanding why SHUG – and other groups around the world –
Welcome to the Blog! This is the Sighthound Underground and we're very happy to invite you to become an active
The Sighthound Underground welcomes comments on the topics we’re blogging about. But we realize there are other topics you might

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