Alaska Bound!

Concha is on her way!

Concha is on her way to Alaska! After spending yesterday hanging out with the crew at SHUG HQ--and being molested by resident terrierist Barbara Ann--Concha is looking forward to hanging out with someone a little less annoying . . . like a Moose! Her new home will be Anchorage, where Concha will become SHUG's second Alaskan pup--and the 151st dog we've rescued since little Mariposa in January of last year! 


Today we have adopters and foster parents from coast to coast in the US and Canada. Although SHUG is based in the Virginia suburbs of Washington, DC, we have homes in Washington state, California, and Oregon. Our dogs live in Canada and Louisiana, Oklahoma and Maine, and pretty much everywhere in between.


Part of the story behind The Sighthound Underground's name is our dedication to moving dogs from where they're in need to where there are homes. We fly dogs across the world and around the country and most weekends are volunteers are driving dogs north, south, east, and west to get to their foster or forever homes.


Connor has conducted a thorough Moose study and will be forwarding his findings to Concha.


SHUG is a 501(c)3 nonprofit and we do subsidize our dogs' transport expenses to the US. Although it usually costs $800-1000 to bring Galgos into the US, our adoption fee is always $650. We keep our fees low to encourage adoption, and this is possible through the donations and grants we receive. To fly a dog anywhere in the US or Canada is $450 . . . which means no matter where you are, we can get your dog home to you for $1100--probably less than what you'd pay for a dog from a breeder. Please . . . adopt, don't shop!

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2 thoughts on “Alaska Bound!
  1. Would love to connect with Concha’s new family! I have 3 retired racers here in Anchorage. I’m a member of Alaska Hound Group Association too. I’m on Facebook or email is