From the Director: First and Fifth

Beau and Luke. Or Luke and Beau. We're not sure.
Beau and Luke. Or Luke and Beau. We're not sure.

The two brothers in the picture at right are the first and fifth of six siblings to be adopted. These six Galgo crosses came over in two trips. The first four arrived in November of last year, the same weekend that SHUG was presenting at Greyhounds Rock in Fredericksburg, Va.


One of our awesome transporters arrived at the event with these four adorable pups and almost immediately one of our volunteers staked her claim. Honestly, I thought she was kidding until she turned to her husband and said, “Send in our deposit!” And he did!

November 2, 2013: Boo, Beth, Beauty (not necessarily in that order)


The puppy formerly known as Bobby became Luke. In quick succession, Luke's brother Boo and his two sisters Beauty and Beth (who became Pepita) were soon adopted. Pepita's mom drove all the way from Illinois to Maryland to pick her up! Boo and Beauty were adopted together in Maryland where they're keeping their parents on their toes.


But while our four pups found very happy endings, we never forgot the ones we left behind. This past April we had the opportunity to bring over the last two pups from this litter. They'd been waiting at Galgos del Sol for six months while their siblings lived a life of laps and couches.


By the time they arrived, we had a home for them and it looked like a happy ending . . . but then their new dad had a health issue and the boys had to come back into SHUG's care.


Now, one of the boys is ready to head off to his forever home. Beau will be heading to meet his mom in Florida bright and early Sunday morning. Beau the Beach Bum . . . that has a nice ring to it, doesn't it?


Bernie. And, yes, we're sure.
Bernie. And, yes, we're sure.

There's one more boy left. Please help us spread the word. Bernie is almost a year old and he deserves a forever couch of his own. He's smart, sweet, and pretty much perfect (for a puppy). Their mom was a Galgo and we believe dad was a yellow lab. These pups are the best of both breeds!


If you're interested in Bernie, please submit an application on our website at You won't regret it!




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2 thoughts on “From the Director: First and Fifth
  1. Hi! Pepita’s mom here. All I can say is that Pepita is a smart little girl – all of the dogs look so much alike, it is really amazing. After having Pippie for 7 months, I am sure that there is more to the dad’s side than just yellow lab. All of the pups are slender which seems to indicate more sighthound blood than anything else – also deep chests and galgo or podenco ears. I am sure that there is some podenco mixed in. Pepita’s behavior is typical of a sighthound and I can only say that although this particular pup was a challenge, every minute was worth it. She is a wonderful little dog – oh yes, they all seem to be around 50 pounds or less – much lighter than a lab.

  2. Bernie seems much more laid back since Beau left, but is surrounded by lazy adult greys. Agree they seem more sighthound than lab. He also likes to rub against you like a cat lol. Smart, funny boy who is a delight to foster.