Pilar – The Dog Thrown Down the Well

The lovely Pilar
The lovely Pilar

Some of you may remember Pilar, the beautiful white fuzzy Galgo who was thrown down a well in her native Spain. Once Pilar was rescued from the well, she went to Galgos del Sol in Murcia, one of the shelters SHUG works with. Pilar had apparently landed on another dog tossed in the well first, and didn’t have any physical injuries. (The other Galgo needed surgery for internal injuries. While recovering, she disappeared from the GdS enclosure and was never found.)


Pilar's story went viral on Facebook, where Sherry VanDyke, of Vancouver, Wash., read about her.


“The day I saw that first photo changed everything,” Sherry told us. “It changed my whole life.”


Within months, Pilar was flown to the U.S. by SHUG, where she easily enchanted everyone she met. SHUG fostered her for a few weeks to get adjusted to life in the U.S. and then – not without tears – she was put on a plane bound for Seattle.


From the very first day, Sherry said Pilar easily accepted her new home and new pack.


So, inquiring minds want to know: How is Pilar? From Sherry:


What words can I use!? Pilar is funny, loving, elegant, smart and a survivor! I love her dearly. She is a blessing to me and is my constant shadow. After only a few days, it was as though Pilar had always been here.


She has formed an individual relationship with the whole pack, and while she does play with my Greyhound, Faith, and male Whippet, Austin, she is devoted to my female Whippet, Amira. These two little white girls wander the yard, bouncing and playing together. She loves my Jack Russell, Riley, and they play a chase game every morning, with Pilar often taking little Riley's whole head in her mouth, always gently, though!


Pilar's fear of men has not gone away and it is heartbreaking to see her afraid, but it has lessened with my sons and we continue to work in on letting her know she will never be hurt again. She is getting more comfortable being out and about in the neighborhood and is a pleasure to walk with -- until she spies a squirrel or bird!


We couldn't resist adding just one more photo.
We couldn't resist adding just one more photo.

She is generally a well-mannered girl. She does, however, love to dig and bark, and she loves teaching those activities to the rest of the pack! She almost always comes when she is called and is very obedient. And smart? This girl is incredibly smart!


Not a day goes by that I am not thankful Pilar has entered my life. She has the most soulful, amber colored eyes that I never get tired of looking into. They hold so much that we will never know. I truly hope to have many more Galgos in my life, but Pilar is one special girl.


Postscript from Sherry:


Our little Sophie, who is now with the Angels, had a budding relationship with Pilar. Sophie was so tiny, that when Pilar would gallop, and yes she runs like a rocking horse, towards her in play, Sophie would understandably shrink a bit. This was slowly changing as Sophie recognized that Pilar surely meant no harm. They, too, were beginning to love playing ball together, when Sophie was suddenly called to the Bridge.

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One thought on “Pilar – The Dog Thrown Down the Well
  1. So glad that “Pilar & Ms. Sherry’s” story has been published…a true love story, as Sherry mentioned, from the very beginning…”a picture”.

    There are sooooooo many that need to be saved, rescued and adopted…Ms. Sherry, along with others I know are making a difference in these animals lives. We can’t even begin to imagine what they have been through or their suffering, but people like Sherry are making sure they have a happy ending.