Foster Friday – It’s A Hard Knock Life

Jasmine may not have Orphan Annie’s red hair, but she knows life can be hard. This little lurcher girl was found wandering on a lonely rural road in western Illinois with a scarred face, a frost-bitten ear, some missing teeth and a limp.

Safe now in a wonderful foster home, Jasmine is proving to be sweet and loving dog whose luck is definitely changing. According to her foster mom:

Jasmine is outgoing and not afraid of people. She gets along well with other dogs and found her place into an existing pack quite quickly. Jasmine, or Jazzy or Jazzamataz, as she is fondly called, is also cat-friendly. She is very well-behaved, and learned house manners quite quickly. She is housebroken and loves her crate. Jazzy likes to play with soft toys and keep them around her when she sleeps.

Jasmine is about three or four and uncomplicated. Like any greyhound, she loves to sleep on the couch. She has also been known to sneak on the bed for quick snuggles in the morning. Jasmine was meant to lead the life of a princess and when she looks at you with loving eyes, that is the life you know she deserves.

jasmine2Her foster mom thinks she is probably an untattooed greyhound, but we’ll probably never know for sure. Despite chiropractic care, which has improved her gait, Jasmine will probably always walk with a limp. But it doesn’t slow her down much when she wants to run and play -- which she does in short spurts. She loves short walks and rides in the car and her tail is always wagging. And with good food, her coat is coming in black and shiny.

She may have had a hard knock life up until now. Now she just needs to find her forever home. Is that with you? Her adoption fee is $300 and she’s available for adoption throughout the U.S. and Canada. You can put in an application here.

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