The Joy of Fostering

Like many rescue groups, SHUG relies heavily on foster homes to complete its mission. The more foster homes we have, the more dogs we can help. In the past, the few Galgo groups in the U.S. only brought over dogs after an adopter had been approved--and footed the bill. One of SHUG's initial goals was to offer a different model and bring the benefits of foster care to Galgo rescue.


Calista is a good example of a foster fail. Really, who wouldn't have failed?
Calista is a good example of a foster fail. Really, who wouldn't have failed?

But this approach does have a downside – the bottleneck in our process is our number of foster homes. A lack of foster homes means we may have to say no when a transport could bring us deserving dogs. And we pretty much never say no! And we certainly don't want to learn how --so we need more foster homes! If you can open your home – temporarily – to one of our dogs, we can say yes when we get that call from Spain or Qatar or Maryland or Georgia.


What does being a foster entail?


While most of our foster homes are currently in the mid Atlantic area, we're open to foster homes throughout North America. You just need a soft bed and a kind environment. Some dogs come pretty much perfect, but many may need remedial lessons like basic doggie manners, stairs, leash work, and how not to walk into sliding glass doors. It’s best if you have an existing dog, but not absolutely necessary. It is useful if you’ve had experience with Sighthounds, but, again, not absolutely necessary. You can have kids, cats and a lack of a yard – we’ll match you with a foster that can work with that scenario. If you have a breed, gender or size preference – we can work with that, too!


You can foster a particular dog for a few days, a few weeks or maybe a few months – it’s up to you. We can move a foster whenever you ask.


And if you provide the love and attention, we'll foot the bills! SHUG pays all veterinary bills for our fosters directly to the vet at the time of service. No paperwork to fill out or checks to wait for. Just have the receptionist give us a call when you're checking out and we'll pay the bill right then over the phone. We try to make it as easy as possible on you!


We don’t need to tell you how rewarding it is. You can watch a dog blossom and grow confident in your home. You get sweet kisses, a temporary pal for your existing dogs, and a reason to exercise.


So what's the downside?


dropquoteWell, you may fall in love. We know that doesn't sound like such a bad thing--and we don't really think it is--but we know sometimes it hurts to watch a foster amble off into the sunset with their forever family.


And sometimes . . . just sometimes . . . it hurts too much. Sometimes our fosters "fail" and they just can't let their foster move on. We promise not to pick on you, because here's a little secret . . . we've all failed, too. Some of us more than once! Being a failed foster is probably the only time in anyone’s life where failing is a good thing. We can also protect you from failing by sending you a dog that doesn't fit your ideal. Addicted to fawn dogs? Only brindles for you!


Please consider joining SHUG as a foster. If you currently foster for another group, we can work around their schedule. If you live outside the Washington D.C. area, you can still help us. We’re looking for fosters in a variety of areas.


For more information, send us an email or fill out our application at

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4 thoughts on “The Joy of Fostering
  1. I touched base with you via Facebook in regards to fostering but am happy to go through the proper channels. Thank you and I look forward to helping you in your efforts. I will be filling out the application to foster. Do I return it via mail/fax/email?

  2. My husband and I are interested in foster for SHUG. Is there an application to fill out? We live in WI so not sure if this would be possible. Just thought I’d ask.
    Thank you
    Nancy Istvanek

    1. Yes, there is an application on the web site. We never know where in the country we might need a foster, so please don’t let your location dissuade you!