From the Director: This Is What We Wish For You

shugxmas5From all of us here at SHUG to all of our adopters, volunteers, foster parents, and supporters around the globe -- we could wish you a Happy Holiday in a dozen ways. We know we all come from different backgrounds and celebrate this season in various ways. But the one thing we have in common are the tall, skinny dogs that rule our lives.


So what we wish for you this holiday is a dog that will . . .


steal the Christmas turkey from the kitchen counter

eat the left shoe of every pair you own

relocate every decoration you put up

chew on your new coffee table

christen all of the presents under your tree


. . . and a dog you LOVE SOOOO MUCH that every day with them brings you complete and utter JOY!


We don't love them because they're perfect. We love them because they are OURS!


Happy Holidays from SHUG!



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4 thoughts on “From the Director: This Is What We Wish For You
  1. We do love them so much, no matter what. And even when they can’t be ours anymore, we will still love them.
    Happy Holidays to you! and Thank you!

  2. Happy Holidays to all SHUG adopters, volunteers, and supporters! I do have a hound that chewed the heels of each pair of high heels I had – one heel per pair. And I still have her and still love her lots and lots.