Snow Daze

The snow is coming! The snow is coming!

If you're on the east coast--or even the eastern half of the country--you're probably aware of the major blizzard making its way north over the next couple of days. Are you ready???

Many of the things you do to prepare yourself and your family work for your dog too. Just like the non-furry kids, your dogs will need water, food, and warmth. But here are some extra things you need to think about to prepare your dog for this weekend's historic blizzard:

As snow gets higher, fences get lower!!! They can also collapse under the force of winds and drifts. Always check your fences before letting your dogs out. If you have dogs that are special flight risks, use a long line. If you don't have one, attach multiple leashes together.

If it's cold enough for you to wear a coat, it's cold enough for you dog, too. This is especially true with Sighthounds, of course, but any dog will need a coat in these conditions!

Be prepared to dig out a "potty path" so that your dogs have a place to go. Whether you're walking your dog on leash or letting them into the backyard, make them a path. Those videos of dogs diving through the snow may be cute on facebook, but it's dangerous for your dog.

If you're dog does end up diving through the snow, please dry them off thoroughly when they come in. Pay special attention to their underbelly! Have dry towels ready by the door after every potty break.

Remember their feet!! Paws can freeze, so always dry them off when they come in. The danger to dogs' feet comes from the melted snow that refreezes when they go back outside before they've completely dried off from the last trip. DO NOT let your dogs run in and out in these conditions. Have regular potty breaks and dry their feet thoroughly each time they come in.

Be aware of where you and your dog are walking. You may use only safe ice melt, but your neighbors may not. There are other hidden dangers under the snow, too. Always avoid puddles!

And this last tip is for furry and non-furry family members--check your first aid kit! You aren't going to be able to run to the doctor or emergency room for stitches during a blizzard. They make fancy glue for medical use, but superglue works in a pinch, too! Add it to your toilet paper and milk list!

Stay safe and warm this weekend!


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