Spotlight On . . . Binky

My Dearest Subjects: I am Princess Binky. You may call me Your Highness or Your Majesty. (Once we get to know each other well, I may also respond to Beautiful and Pretty Girl.) For those who have not yet been graced by my presence, I am wonderful and fantastic. I am also a very beautiful good-things-come-in-small-packages smooth saluki from Qatar.


I am writing to you because it is high time I have found a kingdom home of my own. Not that my servant foster mom isn’t great. She is. But, frankly, she can be a bit slow to cater to my every whim and actually does pay attention to her own dogs. Really, what is that about?


I am quite a sweet, young girl. I love to snuggle in my foster mom’s lap or to rest my irresistibly gorgeous head on her chest. I am a quick learner. I like my routine (what royal family member doesn’t?) and I go into my castle crate with no fuss.


I am particularly fond of children. I will play fetch and go all waggedy, even if it is not completely dignified to do so. It would, of course, be quite rude to mention, so please don't. I am also quite content to be only dog in residence--as long as the humans in the home are willing to entertain play with me.


Speaking of other animals – I am a bit of a snob. I don’t particularly love sharing the spotlight with other dogs I see on a walk, although I can be corrected. Sigh. If I must. I do play a bit rough in the house with the other canines, but I’m only 35 pounds. So how rough can I be?

I do hate to get wet and want to wear my royal gown coat when it rains. I do all my business outside, of course. I will command ask you to let me out by ringing bells on the door handle.

If you are interested in becoming one of my loyal subjects, then please submit an application at I promise not to disappoint.

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6 thoughts on “Spotlight On . . . Binky
  1. Your Royal Highness. You are absolutely beautiful, right down to those adorable ears. If I did not have two Royal Princesses (greyhounds).

    I would happily grab you and snuggle you to absolute death. My two girls don’t like to snuggle… which is a bummer. I promise you… your forever home is out there and when you finally go home, you will be the queen of the castle and will treat your subjects with love, honor and grace!
    Your Humble Servant, Juli

  2. Binky is around 9 months old and I feel her “snobbish” behavior toward other dogs when out on a walk will improve as she matures and learns more doggy social skills. She is an absolute sweetie, so loving toward people. Binky is laying in my lap as I type this!

  3. Your Royal Highness, How I would love for you to reign in the Pacific Northwest. You are gorgeous! Alas, Princess Peugeot who escaped from captivity at a Florida racetrack – dreadful experience for her. She took refuge in this kingdom as a foster and decided to stay – wrapped her heart around me. I officially became a foster failure. Princess Peugie shares the kingdom with Jakalad, a long haired doxie, and Elfie-Pierre, a Bichon. Your Royal Highness Blinky, if you would consider sharing your castle with three others loving Royals…and the big bed where we all snuggle with our mom – you might love it here.