Mariposa – A Galgo Puppy Update

You may remember Mariposa AKA the cutest fawn puppy ever and one of the very first SHUGer Babies! She was adopted by Rachel Guthrie and Kyle Kuba of Rochester, N.Y.


Mariposa -- All grown up!
Mariposa -- All grown up!

Mariposa was born in Spain and surrendered to a shelter by a hunter, along with her sister and their parents. In March Rachel drove to Virginia with her father to pick up her squirming, teething, energetic, playful puppy. If she had some trepidation, well no one would have blamed her.


Mariposa fit in immediately, brought smiles to the faces of everyone she met, and even traveled to Greyhounds in Gettysburg in the spring to help spread the word about Galgo rescue and have a happy reunion with her sister and foster mom.


So what is she like now? Inquiring minds want to know . . . Here’s an update from Rachel:


Mariposa is our little social butterfly. She loves to go out for walks and meet other dogs and people. Her long, crazy wiggling tail shows how much she loves the attention she attracts.


While she has almost doubled in size, she is still a playful puppy. She loves to chew on our other dogs, steal our sneakers, run around the house chasing tennis balls, toss around her many stuffed toys, and chase Frisbees (she’s getting close to catching them!). She is currently enrolled in obedience training; however, she is definitely not a star pupil as she is more interested in playing with the other dogs and flirting with a younger German Shepherd puppy.


While she may never win an obedience trial title, she has won our hearts (and the heart of everyone who meets her)! If you’re in the upstate NY area and would like to meet Mari, we’ll be at the Grapehounds Wine Tour at the end of July.


Note: You can also see some of Mariposa’s “press” here.

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