First Person: My (Spanish) Greyhound Life

All I wanted was a Greyhound. For years I would look at pictures and do research on the breed. Finally, I was able to apply to a Greyhound rescue group. I applied and I applied. Many times the response was: Please apply to a rescue group closer to your location.

I was so upset, they were all the closest.

Then it happened. I stumbled across The Sighthound Underground. To my delight they adopted out all over the United States, Yes! I put in an application and was accepted to adopt. So, which one? Did I really care? Ok, let’s slow down, I thought, be patient. But it did not take long before a certain pair of eyes stared straight into my soul. She was the one. Hmmm, listed as a Galgo Greyhound. Back to Google and more research. Well OK, she is a Spanish greyhound. So just a geographical difference. Right?

Neve, my Galga (a female Galgo Espanol) has given my life a new purpose. You see, I had no idea of the history that came along with this girl and "The Plight." These fabulous, loving creatures are used for hunting, not racing in Spain. They can live with 50-100 other Galgos. They get very little food or shelter. And they are discarded in unimaginable, inhumane ways once hunting season is done.

Some may say, “Oh it’s just a dog” or “Why did you adopt from Spain?” None of this was my intention, I only wanted a Greyhound. But I am so very glad I adopted my Galgo Greyhound and became part of the campaign to change all of their lives.

I jumped right in, signing and distributing petitions, sharing Galgos in need. Finding friends from all over the world. Connecting with others who also had a strong urge to help. We were part of putting up a new educational billboard in Spain – that bears my girl’s name. She has given me companionship, much love, and opened my eyes to this struggle. I will be forever grateful.

 First Person is an occasional series where we’ll hear the stories of previous adopters. The author is Wendy Scarborough.


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3 thoughts on “First Person: My (Spanish) Greyhound Life
  1. Yay! for both you AND Neve! Great story– and I can relate. I live in Alaska. After dealing with another rescue group that didn’t even want to consider dealing with me (even if I WENT there), it was SO nice to be able to work logistics out with the SHUGGERS 🙂 Connor moved on to a life of (couch) adventure in Alaska 🙂