From the Director: We Are Grateful

I feel stupid for crying when I got Winter's official biopsy results. After all, I was the one who said immediately that this had to be Osteo. But I knew there was a 15% chance it was Chondrosarcoma, which has a much better survival rate. After fostering Winter for the last two weeks, that 15% became more and more important. Because here's the thing. This is a really awesome dog.

But there are no fairy tales here, and cancer sucks. The biopsy results have confirmed that Winter had Osteosarcoma in his leg. While his lungs looked clear in his pre-surgery x-ray, there are no guarantees. Those of us with Greyhounds know how Osteo goes. And as I may have mentioned, it sucks.

But that is for another day. Six months or two years or five years from now, we will most likely face this battle again. But for today, we are grateful. We are grateful that Winter is no longer in pain. We are grateful that his incision has healed with no signs of infection or other complications. We are grateful that he is up and hopping around and remembering that he just turned two years old.

We are grateful that he is busting through the baby gate and peeing in my kitchen if I don't come downstairs early enough in the morning . . . hmm, wait a minute. Oh, well. Yeah, we're even grateful for that.

Every day is a gift. And we are grateful.

P.S. The auction being held to fund Winter's amputation and other medical bills is ending this Saturday, March 21st. If you're interested in bidding, please join the auction group. You can also donate directly to Winter's care using the button below. Thank you to everyone who has helped us support Winter and please continue to keep him in your thoughts.

Michael Owens
SHUG Director

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3 thoughts on “From the Director: We Are Grateful
  1. I am so sorry! I lost my beautiful LILLY to Osteo and never quite got over it! I cherished every hour I got to spend with her and I am grateful that she found her way into my life! I don’t think I cried so much in my whole life, from the minute I found out till the minute I had to let go and weeks after! May the remaining days of Winter be filled with nothing but happiness and love

  2. Mike, it sure does suck. But the silver lining in the cloud here is the phenomenal love and hugs he has had since joining you. Its like he checked in the Ritz Hotel after living in a garbage site. I don’t think he measures time the way do, he lives in the moment. And right now, He is rocking’ out in a sighthound fraternity house. Bless your heart for giving him that.