A Message From Avery . . .

I got the best birthday present ever - a forever home! My mom and dad are a little slow on the uptake sometimes. They knew way back in December, when I had my second surgery, that they were going to keep me. They may have said it was only going to be long enough to make sure I was totally recovered, but everyone could read between the lines.

And let's face it, there was no way I was letting them go--especially after all the effort I put into training them! Please note the exhausting curriculum they have covered while fostering me:

Lesson one . . . I don't do stairs - you shall carry me up and down them.

Lesson two . . . Kibble shall never be served. When I don't feel well, I shall only be offered fancy luncheon meat and peanut butter. Acceptable everyday meals shall start with fancy dehydrated dog food base and include ground beef, pulled pork, poached chicken, sardines, or eggs. There best be cheese (calcium is good for me!) - out of the shredded mozzarella you bought just for me? I do believe there is some manchego. And bedtime snack shall ALWAYS be served on time. Made with the Greek yogurt.

Lesson three . . .  The back door shall be opened whenever I ask.

avery2Lesson four . . . You shall allow yourself to be snuggled all night long; my nose tucked behind your neck or gentle breathing into your ear is a special privilege.  We shall get up no later than sunrise.  There shall also be snuggle time after breakfast. NOTE:  I am ALWAYS the snuggler, not the snugglee.

Lesson five . . . Morning activities shall also include Second Nap and a flip chip. NOTE: I hear other puppies eat couches, coffee tables and shoes. I am totally willing to try those things if we run out of flip chips.

Lesson six . . . My siblings shall endure proper greyhound greetings.  You shall hide me behind your legs when the cat objects. My sister Bella shall play with me whenever I want. It is not rude to squeak toys in her face. NOTE: Toys shall be bought in multiples. Please do your comparison shopping based on squeak potential.

Lesson seven . . .  I shall rotate crates; I must ensure they are all comfortable. Crates shall be cushioned with blankets; should you choose to include a dog bed, I cannot be held responsible for any bed "malfunctions." NOTE:  If I crate, everyone crates.

Lesson eight . . . I shall be held during thunderstorms and whenever the vacuum is operated.

Lesson nine . . . I shall supervise all activity in the dining room from under the table.

Having mastered the beginner's course in Avery Care 101, I believe my parents are now ready to move onto the intermediate level, where we shall explore the quantity and quality of my martingale collection and esoteric subjects like toenail polish. I have the utmost faith in their abilities.

love, Avery

Avery is a young greyhound who suffered a birth injury and needed her leg amputated. SHUG took her in and your willingness to buy a T-shirt or send a donation helped pay for her surgeries (yes, there were two) and gave her a great life.


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