First Person: My Experience at the Rainbow Bridge

rainbowIt’s been a tough few weeks for some of the volunteers and supporters of SHUG. An unusually large number of dogs (big and small) have been helped to the Rainbow Bridge. Even for those experienced with the process, it is a shattering, heart-breaking time.


I am a SHUG volunteer and I had an experience some 10 years ago “at the bridge” that brought me comfort then, and still does today. And I share it in hopes it may bring comfort to others.


I had brought my young, black shar pei, to the vet. She was in kidney failure and it was time. I sat on the floor of the vet’s office with Phoebe in my lap. I had recently learned how to do Reiki (a type of hands-on healing). So I closed my eyes and put my hands on her with the healing energy flowing. The vet made her preparations.


Suddenly, I had a vision. Think of it as a dream, but you’re awake. This is what I saw:


My shar pei, Hanna, who had died the year before, was wagging her tail with everything she had. Next to her was another shar pei I’d known, who had recently died. Both were in an area of light. In front of them was an area of dark. There was a line between the two areas and it was obvious that Hanna would not – or could not -- cross that line. It seemed she was waiting to greet someone. Her tail kept wagging vigorously.


I didn’t understand what I was seeing.


Then I saw movement in the darkness. Suddenly, I saw Phoebe moving in the dark area and as she moved across the line, her sickly body immediately filled out and she arrived in the light fully healthy and joyfully greeted the two dogs waiting for her.


I still didn’t entirely understand what I was seeing.


Then the vet said Phoebe was gone.


Then I knew that I’d had the privilege of seeing what really happens when one of our beloved pets goes to the Bridge.


So, yes, at least as far as I’m concerned, our pets are greeted at the bridge by those who went before. They are happy. They are loved. And they are waiting for us. And maybe that helps make a difficult time just a bit easier to bear.


We'd love to hear your Bridge stories. Please post a comment to this post.



Holly Harrington

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One thought on “First Person: My Experience at the Rainbow Bridge
  1. That is SO lovely. My husband, too, does reiki, and he said that this happens to humans, too…. nice thought. xx