From the Director: Thank god she’s cute . . .

You may have noticed we have a thing for gimpy dogs around here. Unfortunately, the word has gotten out. Back in September we got a call about a little girl in Kansas with a crushed knee. The catch? She wasn't even four months old yet! Since we couldn't get her on the standard Greyhound transport that runs from Kansas to Wheeling for another month, we decided to fly her east. (Hey, we're SHUG. We fly dogs. That's kind of our thing.) So we enlisted the help of some of the awesome Greyhound people in Kansas to get this little girl on a plane. (Who wants to overnight a Greyhound puppy? RUN! Hide!)


If you've been following Avery's story, you know her crushed leg was amputated and she was well on her way to healing--and running around terrorizing the locals on three legs. Then, disaster struck. On the morning of her transport to Florida to meet her adopter, Avery wiped out on an icy patch of grass.

The best laid plans . . .

So after lots of x-rays and doctor's appointments and visits to specialists, Avery had to undergo surgery yet again. This time to stabilize the chip to her "good" leg--which is, of course, her only leg.

Today was the day. Avery had her second surgery today and pulled through great. Please send her good thoughts. Once again Avery has a long road to recovery ahead of her, but once again she has a huge team pulling for her and fans from coast to coast to help her get through.

If you want to show your support, check out the special t-shirt we designed with our little Avery in mind. 100% of the proceeds will go toward her medical expenses. And if you'd like to send in a little more, SHUG is a 501(c)3 registered charity and certified to accept tax-expempt donations.


I just want to give a shout out to my fans – okay everyone, because to meet me is to love me. I really appreciate all the wonderful messages of hope and support that were sent my way in September when I was getting my bum leg checked out. The good news is that the leg doesn’t bother me anymore - because it’s gone! Yup, I’m a tripod. Before you get all worried, it’s all good. My knee was a disaster and my leg wasn’t growing properly, so it was the best choice. I healed in no time flat and had my foster parents running in circles and chasing after me up the stairs (but carrying me down them, because down is scary). My tripod foster sister was a bit insulted at my speedy recovery and high energy levels. Or maybe it’s because I steal all her toys. But she is totally over it - maybe because I snuggle her. All. The. Time. The bad news is that the morning I was scheduled to go to my forever home, I had a small tumble in the yard – and came up lame in my one back leg. The last couple of weeks have been filled with doctors’ appointments and “rest.” Do you know how BORING rest is? Unfortunately, I need surgery again. So send me all your best loving thoughts as I go through surgery today. Puppy Kisses, Avery


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