The “Birth” of a SHUGer Dollie

IMG_2338Awwww. You have to admit, these colorful dogs of uncertain breeding are super cute. And they are an important way SHUG raises funds to bring more dogs from Spain and the Middle East to American couches. But all that cuteness comes with a lot of hard work.


Steps to making SHUGer Dollies:


• Drive to the fabric store

• Search for the cutest material

• Drive home, rope in helpers, get to work

• Cut out legs (with or without a pattern)

• Sew legs, leaving one end open

• Refresh adult beverages, if applicable

• Stuff legs (no mean feat, lots of deft work with a hemostat or big tweezer)

• Cut out tails (curly ain’t easy)

• Sew tails (also not easy), leaving one end open

• Stuff tails (see above)

• Order pizza

• Cut out and sew bodies

• Attach legs and tail

• Stuff body

• Eat ice cream

• Whip stitch the bum closed

• Cut out the head (with or without a pattern)

• Sew head

• Pick out cute buttons

• Change your mind and pick out even cuter buttons

• Sew buttons on face

• Stuff head

• Whip stitch head to body


IMG_2350And voila – we have a SHUGer Dollie.


All of this is accomplished by SHUG volunteers, usually accompanied by various Sighthounds inspecting the work, stealing snacks off the sewing table and occasionally getting tangled in sewing machine cords.


You, too, can adopt one of these no-two-are-alike originals (note: these are not dog toys) to help fund SHUG’s efforts. Look for some special editions coming up at the auction starting tomorrow!

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