Galgopalooza Day 5: Sweet Brad

If Brad were in high school, he wouldn’t be the super star, the “best dressed” or the valedictorian. But he’d be everyone’s friend – from the cliques in the parking lot to the jocks. He’d get picked last for sports teams because he’s too nice to be a fierce competitor. And a sweet girl would ask him to the prom because he’s too shy to make the first move.


Which is our way of saying that Brad can be a bit overlooked. And that is a mistake. Brad is super sweet, calm, good with all dogs, even little ones (if intros are done properly). He’s good on a leash and just an all-around easy boy.  Can you say turnkey dog? Brad is the perfect “first” galgo. He’s even a good first Sighthound. His foster mom would like you to know she will cry buckets when he leaves. He’s that good . . .


So put in your application here. Come back tomorrow to see who’s up next!



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2 thoughts on “Galgopalooza Day 5: Sweet Brad
  1. Hi,
    Is Brad the galgo in need of a six foot fence? We have a four foot fence. Three greyhounds have owned us but never a galgo. Everyone keeps telling us any galgo will jump our fence! Thx!

  2. Most galgos will jump a four-foot-fence (probably including Brad), but we are working with a shelter in Spain to identify galgos that might not be so inclined. Feel free to put in an app and we can discuss it more. You could also commit to always having Brad on a leash in teh backyard, but we know that can be a pain.