From the Director – Thank You for More Than Just the Turkey

I know we don’t say thank you enough – mostly because we’re too busy talking about poop – so I want to take this opportunity to make sure all of you know how much you are appreciated and how we could not do what we do without you.Thank you.Thank you to our adopters who open your hearts and your homes to Sighthounds and help make them ambassadors for their breed so those who follow them may have the opportunity to learn the joy of a warm bed one day, too.

Thank you to our supporters who buy our T-shirts and calendars and dolls, follow us on Facebook, help us spread the word, make donations, and who mailed in a truly awesome number of collars, leashes, snoods, coats and blankets for our Madrid Airlift.

Thank you to the drivers and cleaners and sew-ers and volunteers who step forward for all kinds of tasks large and small, fun and not-so-fun. You process applications, update our pages, coordinate transports, drive in all directions, take off work to transport dogs, staff events, write blog posts, hang fliers, and search for lost dogs. We literally couldn't do this without you.

Thank you to the foster moms and dads here and abroad who open their homes to Sighthounds in need. Thank you for helping them become real dogs who eat and do stairs and sleep on couches. And thank you for giving them up to their forever homes when the time comes. And thank you especially when you find that you just can't do that and you turn into their forever homes. Thank you for caring so much that you "fail." And a special thank you to those foster dads who are sometimes treated like lepers in their own homes. We love you.

And finally, thank you to the dogs who didn't give up. Thank you for finding the courage to trust a human one more time. Thank you for coming home.

No matter where you are, whether you're celebrating with turkey or tofurkey or just having a regular Thursday halfway around the world, we hope you know how much we appreciate you. Thank you!

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