The Official Abridged Sighthound Dictionary

Cat-Zapper – A dog with a decided lack of appreciation for the pet quality of kitties

Chip, Chipping, Chipper – All are related to the Sighthound owner who can’t stop at just one, or two, or three or  . . .

Couch Potato – Most Sighthounds, despite the conventional wisdom that they all need “lots and lots of exercise”

galgooncounterCounter surfer/counter surfing – A canine endeavor that generally results in clutter-free kitchens

Dog Hair – A perfectly natural and organic covering for furniture, clothes, cars, carpets and sheets.

etsETS – Escaped Tongue Syndrome, a serious malady for which there is no remedy except to take photos and post them on Facebook

Fuzzy – A wire-haired Galgo or Podenco, much sought after in the U.S. and an object of much envy by smooth-coated Greyhounds everywhere. See above

Happy Tail – Should really be called “unhappy tail” as it sprays blood all over the walls of your house

High-Prey Drive – A cat-zapper with a larger menu

Iggy – Not a misspelling for Piggy. Short for Italian greyhound (and we mean really short)

Martingale – An object of much fascination for Sighthound owners; collections frequently border on obsessive

Mother Bunny – A type of magical stuffy that often – although not always – resists de-stuffing for long-ish periods of time.

roach10Roaching – Sometimes also known as “airing out the privates.” An upside-down view of the world from a canine perspective. Much sought after by dog owners

Tag Collar – A collar with “if I’m lost information,” without which a dog is considered to be naked, in a bad way

Sighthound – Any breed of dog that depends mostly on sight and speed to hunt prey. Most have wiry builds with little body fat, aerodynamic heads and long tails – and obsessive owners convinced they are the best pet in the universe.

slipknot4Slip Knot – A way of securing a leash that can be the only thing standing between a nice walk and a loose dog. May occasionally result in unexpected facial contact with the sidewalk.

Squeaky – A stuffy without stuffing but containing one or more noise-producing plastic bits that are quickly silenced. See Stuffy

Stuffy – Any stuffed animal toy that the dog owner thinks will produce hours, perhaps days or weeks of joy, but which can be destroyed (consumption optional) within minutes. See Mother Bunny

Poo aka Poop -- A canine end product must discussed and debated among dog owners. See “The Scoop on Poop” blog post.

Walkie – A doggie outing usually communicated in a high, cheery voice and posed as a hypothetical question. Unrelated to walkie talkies.

samsonsnowZoomies – A few seconds of unbridled explosions of energy, followed by another 23 hours of rest.

Now, let us know what definitions we’re missing!

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5 thoughts on “The Official Abridged Sighthound Dictionary
    1. The Moray: a particular expression of sighthound trust and affection involving the thrusting of the head and neck between the legs of own’s human such that own’s entire derpy face can be seen contentedly beaming beneath their bum.

  1. Hi – thank you for the most wonderful laugh I have had in a long time! I am English, living in France, with 3 pods (among other mixtie-muxties from Spain) and this dictionary had me in stitches!
    Thank you! I will be following your blog with much interest and enjoyment (although I am not in a position to help out financially – so sorry, as it is a wonderful job that you are doing, helping to save some of the poor Spanish dogs).
    All the best – and thank you again!