Checking In On … Hyekyo

You might remember Hyekyo, the blond Afghan hound puppy rescued from South Korea. While almost an immediate foster fail, the pretty little girl eventually went to a wonderful home in Nevada, and joined an older Afghan named Sasha and Rajah, a two-year-old Saluki. Sandra Voos picks up her story:

Rajah and Hyekyo are the best of friends. They play ‘till they drop. As far as being a puppy, she is sweet and gentle and surprisingly she hasn't chewed up anything. She hates to be groomed and so it looks like we will keep her in a puppy cut for the time being. She seems to love everyone she meets!

She seems to be her full height and weight now so she is petite in comparison to Sasha. Her downside? In the beginning she would wake us up with a full bark starting around 4 a.m. It was like having a newborn baby. She would bark until we were both up and sitting with her. She has been getting better and sometimes sleeps until 6 a.m.! All and all she is wonderful and we are so happy with her.

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