A Diamond in the Rough

Jasmine the lurcher didn't look like a diamond when she first arrived at her foster home. As we wrote earlier, she limped, she had a dangling tooth and scars on her face, she was underweight and her coat was faded and dull.

Bonnie Mayo, a SHUG foster mom and volunteer with the American Lurcher Project, says despite all that, Jasmine was friendly and eager to be part of the family. In the 10 weeks Bonnie fostered her, Jasmine had some much-needed vet care and her new fur grew in shiny and black. She bonded with the two resident Galgas in the house, who taught her all about stairs and the joys of the couch. She learned to play with toys and how to signal when she needed to go potty.

Bonnie kisses Jasmine good-bye as she heads to her forever home.
Bonnie kisses Jasmine good-bye as she heads to her forever home.

Bonnie is one of SHUG’s most experienced foster moms. She’s had many dogs join her pack temporarily and then move on. It always hurts a little. But Jasmine, for whatever reason, hurt more than usual.

Bonnie picks up the story –

During her time at our house, Jasmine went from being a dog willing to trust but also a little cautious to a dog that was openly friendly to everyone. She learned how to play with abandon, throwing her toy in the air or wiggling it in front of another dog's face to entice them to play. She also developed her own little diva personality to the point that she would not go outside if it meant getting her feet wet. Jasmine loved lying on the couch either alone or with her buddies, Pepita and Chocolata.

Much of the change happened because Jasmine’s willingness to be loved and because our dogs welcomed her and taught her how to be loved. Jasmine was an easy dog to love and a hard one to let go. I am happy that she will have her own home with people that will give her every bit of the love she deserves, but I’m also a bit melancholy because she won't be here.

I have loved every single dog that went through my home in the past year, even those that spent only one night. Every dog takes a piece of my heart with them and they leave memories behind (and sometimes smells). I wish all of them happy lives and hope that I hear a little about their lives once they get adopted. I know that Jasmine will be missed not only by me but by Pepita and Chocolata, and yet I am also happy for her. This time, for this girl, I’m really feeling the meaning of "parting is such sweet sorrow."

Jasmine is thriving in her new forever home thanks to the transition she underwent in her foster home. Without fosters like Bonnie, SHUG can’t do what it does. If you're interested in fostering, fill out our online application.

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