Foster Friday: Spotlight on Brad

From Brad’s Foster Mom: Brad has been with us a week now so his personality is starting to show through. With apologies to Jeff Foxworthy:


If you like working with a somewhat shy dog and it warms your heart to see him come out of his shell, you might be Brad’s family.



If you like the thought of a sighthound that will alert you to strangers (not that he’d do anything other than bark), you might be Brad’s family.If the sight of a strikingly gorgeous, dark brindle boy makes your heart beat a bit faster, you might be Brad’s family.


If you like to know where your dog’s feet are because his four white socks stand out, you might be Brad’s family.


If you like not having to watch to make sure he eats his meal, you might be Brad’s family.


If you don’t mind sharing your bed with a pup that will lounge over your legs, you might be Brad’s family.


From Brad: If you don’t have ceiling fans, you might be my family (foster mom says they run them 24/7 in the summer so I will get over that suspicion - it’s just suspicion, no outright terror).


Interested in Brad? Fill out an application!

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