The Top Ten Hints That You Might Be a Sighthound Person . . .

10. You’ve bought a car specifically because of the number of tall, skinny dogs you could fit into it.


9. You factor in “dogage” when you cook and make a little extra to dole out to the supervisory canine staff.


8. You have slept sideways across your bed (or even on the couch or the floor) because you didn’t want to wake up the dog sleeping on your pillow.


lapdogs7. You’ve had any part of your body fall asleep under a very large lap dog.


6. You have more pictures of your dogs than of your human children on your Facebook page. (Go ahead and count them, we’ll wait.)


5. You have walked past an article of clothing or piece of furniture you really wanted because you knew you couldn’t keep it free of dog-hair.


4. You have suffered through the extreme urge to pee until you felt like crying because you didn’t want to wake up the dog sleeping on you.


3. You’ve had to explain to a well-meaning friend, co-worker, or teacher that you don’t have an abusive boyfriend—the dog really did trip you going down the stairs.


2. Your dog has more collars than you have pairs of underwear. And they’re prettier. And they cost more.


And the number one hint that you might be a Sighthound person . . .


1. You pick up a pile of poop off your floor and a little voice in the back of your head says, “At least it’s firm.”

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22 thoughts on “The Top Ten Hints That You Might Be a Sighthound Person . . .
  1. #1, #6, and #8 – 10! Yup! that’s us! One dog has her own Facebook page! #10 – bought a mini-van when we had only 4 dogs and made sure it was really roomy enough – just in case we got more dogs (we now have 6)!

  2. I’m in! I qualified with all ten. The sleeping one about crosswise on the bed -last night. The couch last weekend. Haha. I do love my dogs. I have wondered if my face book friends would notice about the pictures: Dogs Vs. Kids. Oh oh.

  3. I am most certainly a ten bought car for the dogs, got pushed out of bed many times, dont worry about hairs on the furniture – all my friends have dogs <3

  4. I can particularly identify with the collar addiction! Before we had Greyhounds, my husband and I both had BMW sports cars. One hound, and we went to a sport wagon. Second hound, we then decided we required a more “sensible” vehicle… a (in hushed tones…) “van”. Yikes! In order to maintain cool, we call it a GTV – Greyhound Transport Vehicle… lol

  5. 1, 2, 4, 6, 7, and 10 – yes. 3 – no, one of the first commands taught here is “wait” – I have been tripped *up* the stairs but never down. I have been bruised by a head but though. 5 – no, if you don’t accept me or my furniture with dog hair, then you’re not worth my time. 8 – not exactly, I have made myself uncomfortable for a sleeping dog but mine don’t really like our bed. 9 – no, too many sensitive tummies, kibble and an occasional milk bone only, except for the iron-stomached girl who eats wasabi and comes back for more. As for 10, I got a huge passenger van, removed the center row of seats and installed tons of comforters for the pups. It is specifically why I chose my Express van.

  6. I feel really bad now. I realized I do not have ANY pictures of my kids on my Facebook page. Just a lot of ‘hounds!

  7. I freely admit to all ten. Umm, but which mini van actually DOES fit the most greyhounds in? We have a Chevy Uplander, boughtknowing that we would be transporting hauls for our adoption group (you can never say no when it comes to helping greyhounds, right?). We have squeezed in seven. It was a stretch, and uncomfortable, but it was, after all probably a life or death situation….

  8. Pertaining to #10 again – we stretched a wooden baby-gate across the back of the GTV, securely attached by poly cable ties, then filled the inner sanctum with soft cushiness, toys and beds, so the hounds can enjoy the “great outdoors” when the weather permits. They love their breezy naps in their Dog Cave when mom is outside gardening. We have a huge fenced run, but one is a grass eater and the other is a digger, so much naughtiness ensues when your back is turned 🙁 The Dog Cave is a win-win for all of us!

  9. Qualify by 9 but want a bigger car for the dogs. This week I was away at a business meeting and saw I had a dirty mark on my top lip then realized it was a bruise from the headbutt I got right before Ieft.

  10. We are looking at RV’s so our precious ones can keep cool, stay warm, and have a nice bed to sleep on while lure coursing/box racing. A year ago we laughed when someone said we should have at least two whippets…well, we have two and “need” the rv for coursing events now. And you are right, we have waaaaaaaay more pictures of our dogs than our kids!

  11. We designed and built our house so that the hounds would be happy there. and I drive a large van to take them out XX

  12. We too put our hounds in the van next to the garden when we are gardening. They enjoy the comfy van with the sun streaming in the open door, while we garden without having to worry about them wandering around the neighbourhood (dead end street). All of the garden is in the unfenced front, so the dogs have free run of the fenced yard:)

  13. Hi, I got over to your web site via Pinterest. Not an item I normally read, though I really enjoy your perspectives nonetheless. Thank you for generating something worthy of reading through!

  14. Number 10 is totally me. I bought a KIA Soul because it not only got GREAT gas milage, I can also fit very comfortably 2 greyhounds, but could even fit 3 comfortably with the back seats down.

    Love this list… SO true!