Drivers Wanted!

Here at the Sighthound Underground we've gotten pretty good at smuggling transporting dogs. They come from all over the world and travel all over the country. Many of our dogs take to the skies to make their trips home, but for some that final destination comes at the end of a long car trip.


And that's where you can help!


Drivers wanted -- with or without cute co-pilots.[/caption]

Hitting the roads is part of the deal when you’re a national organization with foster homes and adoptive homes from coast to coast and everywhere in between. SHUG has been fortunate to get help with these transports from foster families willing to drive, greyhound haulers, kindly truckers, and some really awesome non-profits who specialize in helping rescue dogs get home.


The Colorado Animal Rescue Express , which moves dogs from Colorado to Kansas, and Greyhound Rapid Transit (organized by Larry Bowersox of Grapehounds fame), which has volunteers up and down the East Coast, have both been a huge help in getting our pups where they need to go.


As you can imagine, arranging these transports takes organization, timing and a good sense of geography (we’re working on that last one.) The good news? Now that we’ve got our 501c3 designation, mileage is tax deductible!


For 2014, we’re already in need of help moving dogs from the East Coast to the Midwest and from the D.C. area to points south. To get our transports going we’re looking to create a transportation database of willing drivers.


This is a great opportunity for folks who are not in a position to foster or adopt, but still want to help out. All it takes is a valid driver’s license, a tolerance of dog hair in the car and a willingness to spend a few hours on the road for a good cause.


If that sounds like you, please send us your info:




Email address:

Best phone contact:


Let us know how far one-way you’re willing to drive: One hour; two hours; three hours; more than three hours. Also let us know in a pinch if you’re able to overnight a pup.


Please send the information to We’ll put together a “travel map” that will help us throughout the year. Please share this with like-minded friends and relatives – even if they live in the middle of no-where. Sometimes we need to move dogs through the middle of no-where. Canadian relatives are useful, too.


Thanks for your help!



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