Galgopalooza Day 7: Last, But Not Least, Joselito

We’re ending the week the way we began – with this cute, shy boy.


Joselito is a good boy in the house, loves other dogs and is cat safe. He’s good on the leash – although he is very serious about giving squirrels and rabbits a piece of his mind.


Do you want to see his ginormous happy dance? Just go outside to water the plants or take out the garbage. You don’t even need to be gone all day. He’ll earn his nickname of Mr. Dance-y Pants.  With those lovely long legs of his, well, it’s a sight to see.


Joselito loves his people – but is shy with new folks and leery of strangers – even the neighbors out walking their own dogs. He needs a gentle hand and a quiet voice. He deserves a home of his loving own. Maybe yours? Put in your application here.


And thank you for celebrating Galgopalooza with us!


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2 thoughts on “Galgopalooza Day 7: Last, But Not Least, Joselito
  1. We are looking for another whippet forever dog to join our 5 yr. old female. More info about house broken, shots, neutered, etc would help.
    Our dog is a rescue from a divorce several yrs. ago and settled in with us right away. She is ready for another companion now as she knows her place in her home. A heavy bonder, she has three beds but sleeps with us (spoiled), helps to gather eggs from our chickens, watches the ducks (benignly) and patrols her domain of three acres as well as runs the place several times a day for exercise.
    We took her to obedience classes and she has been wonderful ever since.

  2. All SHUG dogs come neutered or spayed, up-to-date on shots and microchipped. Most have been fostered and learning to live in a house, although some need a house-breaking refresher (especially the young ones.) We don’t get many whippets, but if you’re open to a small galgo or saluki, please put in an application!