December’s Broken Puppies

As we approached the end of the year, the SHUG Team decided to take a break. We made the decision that we weren't going to bring in any new dogs in December. We'd come back in January refreshed and revitalized!

Yeah, right.

Not only have we had dogs come in, but the majority of those have been special needs dogs. And not just special needs dogs . . . special needs PUPPIES! Oh, my! Here's a look at our Broken Puppies that currently are awaiting surgery or other vet care here at SHUG. If you're feeling the holiday spirit and would like to make a donation towards their bills, click the big orange "donate" button to the right.


jesseThis sweet little Greyhound boy is only 11 weeks old and the vet has told us he's definitely going to lose his eye. The worst news is that he may eventually lose the other. In addition to the surgery he needs now, Jesse is looking for an adopter experienced with glaucoma and sight issues in dogs who will be willing to commit to his care for the rest of his (very, very long and very, very happy) life.


ninaPhysically, Nina is in much better shape than Jesse! She is also a racing Greyhound, although she never made it to the track. Her front leg has healed crooked but strong. She's 6 months old and super sweet and cuddly. She's met kids and cats and so far gets along with everyone. Nina will need to be spayed before she goes home, but her leg will only need to be monitored and we don't think she'll have special health issues because of it as she gets older.


derbyWe're not sure what's going on with Derby the Lurcher puppy. As you can see, he came into rescue in very rough condition. Unfortunately there wasn't a foster home available for him so he went into a boarding situation--always rough for such a young dog. Now he's having house training issues that may be physical or signs of the stress he's been under. This poor little guy needs stability and love in his life most of all. We'll go from there.


weezyAt two years old, Weezy may not technically be a puppy but his life is just beginning. His racing career ended abruptly on Friday evening when he badly broke his leg. A team of volunteers drove him to our vet in Maryland and he will have surgery today to repair the break and pin the bone in place. Please keep Weezy in your hearts and prayers!

Weezy is supported by Grateful Greyhounds in New York and once he has recovered, he'll be available for adoption through them.

If you'd like information on any of our dogs or are interested in learning more about SHUG (or making a donation!) please visit us at

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