(A Weird and Sort of Spooky) First Person: Klein KNA Xavi

I adopted Klein at Greyhounds in Gettysburg, in Spring 2014. I wanted to adopt a senior black greyhound but I let my Galgo, Iker, choose. He chose Klein. (Those are the BFFs above). I quickly changed Klein’s name to Xavi, after Spanish soccer star Xavi Hernandez.

Xavi is smart, active, cuddly, active, affectionate, smart and active. Did I mention active? He loves to run outside, and he and Iker constantly chase each other and play tug of war in my backyard. His intelligence is demonstrated by his extreme curiosity and determination.

Editor’s Note: Now for the spooky part.

kleinrescuerRecently, I was in Spain and while I was there I went to a demonstration in Madrid intended to draw attention to the plight of galgos. It was a good-sized crowd. Then, among all the many people there, I spotted a man and his dog in a BaasGalgo shirt, and I decided to introduce myself.

I have a dog from Baas, I told him. He was interested and wanted to know what dog. And it turned out that right in front of me, thousands of miles from where I live, was the very man – Miguel -- who had originally rescued Xavi from the streets of Toledo, Spain. It is a small world. I showed him photos and he called over other people to see them.

Klein just about to be captured.
Klein just about to be captured.

Xavi’s former life on the street is still obvious and he is still shy in some situations. Having said that, he has come a long way and we love him like crazy. Thanks to Miguel for rescuing him, Sandra Baas and BaasGalgo for sheltering him and providing him with love and care, and to SHUG for allowing me to adopt this family-loving guy.

First Person is an occasional series where we’ll hear the stories of previous adopters. The author is Robin Waldman

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