Wordless Wednesday — Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid

puppies3Oh, yes! Four of these little galgo goblins are headed to SHUG this weekend from Murcia, Spain. They're headed for wonderful, loving homes -- soon. But we'll be wrangling the boo-ti-ful little critters in the meantime. Wish us luck!ghost


And if you're headed to Greyhounds Rock in Fredericksburg, Va., on Sunday, you'll be able to meet the little monsters in person.


Happy Halloween!

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2 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday — Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid
  1. They are so cute and you know they have puppy smell and puppy breath. Puppies are also wonderful to snuggle with. Poe and Simone are total terrors, but when they snuggle up with you, all is forgiven. Simone has however, lost her biscuit and treat allowance until she has paid me back for my shoes, socks, and undergarments she recently chewed. I wish we could visit them on Sunday, but we will be near your area (I think) at the Occaquan Chase Regatta in Sandy Run Regional Park.