Happy Mother’s Day From Broodmama Settie

Happy Mother’s Day to all the two-legged and four-legged Mom’s out there. We hope that every last one of Settie’s 31 pups – wherever they are – are having a great life and thinking of their sweet Mama on this special day. And . . . if you need another “mom” in your life, Settie is still looking for her forever home. You can put in an application here.

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2 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day From Broodmama Settie
  1. Zettie looks beautiful. You say she’s “medium”…please, what is her weight and height?
    I’ve had 9 (nine) adult Whippets I’ve rescued over past 35+ years…they were, for the most part between 6 and 8 yrs old; each lived to be between 14-16+ yrs.(my last one was 16yrs.7months; he had so-o-o many “known already problems” when I adopted him at age 7); it took a full 22months to (re-train him almost completely); thus perhaps his passing was harder on me than the usual …usually I’d get another within a few weeks to 9months; with ‘Shadow’ it’s now been one year,nine months without any and it still hurts. I do want another …I need to keep within size/wt limitations this time due to rental restrictions; that’s why I’m asking you about Zettie…she’s probably larger than than I can have but she’s so lovely I’m asking anyway

    Do you know of any people who have whippets? There aren’t many available each year, nationwide. Look forward to your reply; thanks.

    1. Settie is a typical female greyhound size — around 55 pounds. We do get whippets on occasion, but we do not have any now.