Checking In On . . . Faridah-the-Saluki

Babies being rescued in the desert.

It was hot and dirty and mom was doing her best to raise Faridah and his three brothers in the desert all alone.


Fortunately, volunteers found them before heat and thirst threatened the little Saluki family and they were all rescued.  A warmed-hearted volunteer eventually brought darling Faridah from Qatar to SHUG (and the rest of the family also came to America in search of forever homes as well through another rescue.)


Faridah didn’t have to wait long. The cute little boy was seriously a foster-fail-in-the making before Kadri Kallikorm-Rhodes and her family claimed him. Renamed William aka Sweet William, he was a typical puppy and more than once being cute was extremely important as he took leisurely to house-training and developed opinions about a variety of things such as the desirability of walking in the snow.


Kadri picks up his story:


William has turned into a sweet, sensitive and regal hound, with a wide circle of dog and human friends (he continues to be terrified of Miss WhiteyPaws, the family feline, so cats are still a work in progress).


Sweet William, all growed up!
Sweet William, all growed up!

His favorite things include running off-leash in his best friend's yard, terrifying rabbits and squirrels, wrestling with his buddies, and lounging on soft surfaces. He has recently discovered a passion for sunbathing (especially on blankets laid out by his unsuspecting human friends), and continues to give the best nose-kisses, especially to his family and beautiful young human females.


He came through both the basic and intermediate obedience classes with flying colors (although recall can still be spotty, and loose-leash walking in presence of prey animals or other dogs is a bit of an issue!) He is a wonderfully sweet couch potato, and we cannot imagine life without our Darling Silly Dog!

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