Wordless Wednesday: Tilly the Honorary Iggie

tillycropTilly is an "honorary" Italian greyhound recently adopted by one of our SHUG volunteers. Here she's getting a special treatment for a skin condition and we just had to share.


She was discarded by her "forever" family as she hit double digits and was deemed "too old." Really? Look at this sweet face! What is wrong with people? Her new mama says she's basically perfect. We're so glad she is part of the extended SHUG family.

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3 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Tilly the Honorary Iggie
  1. Tilly is the best little girl – so happy, so much energy, so well-behaved. Who would ever think of discarding a senior companion animal in its twilight years? Well, their loss! I absolutely LOVE seniors and they are about the only ones I adopt; they make the best and most loving friends. Yes, our time together is limited, but I believe in quality over quantity. The next time you notice a senior available through SHUG, please consider bringing one of these delightful sighthounds into your heart and home. You won’t be sorry.

  2. What is WRONG with these people who throw away their pets because they are too old, too much trouble, they bark, they get sick, etc., etc. I understand that sometimes circumstances require a person to give up a pet, but really, those circumstances are very rare!