Slip Knot 101

Here's our Director's daughter with Slip Knot 101. Our new official motto is "we'd rather have a dislocated shoulder than loose a dog." Can you relate?

Your Step by Step Guide to the Slip Knot

Grab the leash in two hands, with the loop in one hand and the other hand about a foot down the length.

IMG_8958Pull the length of the leash through the loop.

IMG_8958Put your hand through the new loop that you've made.

IMG_8961Grab the end of the leash and pull.

IMG_8963You now have a slip knot! Go walk your dog!


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One thought on “Slip Knot 101
  1. might work in some circumstances but I would be very cautious of using this method…. if a dog is out of control enough to damage the arm it is tied to how much control would the walker then have with an injured arm????? Also I would worry about someone being pulled over into the path of traffic. I find using a large carabiner style hook hooked onto my belt and my three dog’s leads hooked through the carabiner works well, the centre of gravity of any pull is lower… I am 5′ 3” 62 yrs old and have 2 retired racing greyhounds and a large lurcher , I am more stable than being yanked at arm’s length and if in a situation where the dogs need releasing fast ( they too may be in the path of traffic and rooted to the spot by your fallen weight, or dragging you into danger) the carabiner can be released very quickly, with 2 usable hands.I would never fasten a dog to a child in any way whatsoever , a dog is never 100% reliable, a spooked dog could cause real problems for a child.