For Your Winter Entertainment: A Completely Random List of Dog-Related Movies

We may enjoy watching movies with dogs, but Mariposa, the galga, prefers movies with horses.
We may enjoy watching movies with dogs, but Mariposa, the galga, prefers movies with horses.

If you’re anything like us, you get pretty excited when there’s a "Sighthound Sighting" in a movie. We’ll even get excited about another breed getting a walk-on part in a film.


And, of course, (we are dog people after all), we may even go to a movie just because it’s all about a dog -- at least when they are not possessed or trying to eat their owners.


It's going to be a long cold winter. So there’s ample opportunity to get your favorite munchies, kick back with your favorite houndies and pop one of these movies into the DVD player. Have the mute button handy, though, if your hound is likely to sign the song of his people when he hears the movie dogs belt it out.


Here’s our Completely Random List of Dog-Related Movies. Let us know in the comments what we’ve missed.


Charlie Wilson’s War


The true story of U.S. Congressman Charlie Wilson, who helped engineer the U.S. support of the Afghan mujahideen against the Soviets. A quite good movie on its own merits, it vaults onto this list because of the character played by Julia Roberts, who owns Greyhounds. They are seen in several scenes doing what Greyhounds do best – lounging around and looking lovely.


Good Will Hunting


A young Matt Damon and Ben Affleck (alright, and a younger Robin Williams), an unorthodox premise and excellent acting make this interesting to watch. Then there’s a scene at the now closed Wonderland Greyhound Park Massachusetts where an excited Minnie Driver bets on the winning dog.




This is a quirky comedy about cancer. We are not making that up. Actually, both funny and heart-warming, the movie includes a pet Greyhound named, unfortunately, Skeletor. (It’s also supposed to be an ex-racer by the doggie actor is an AKC Greyhound.) Worth watching anyway.


The Young Victoria


If you like period dramas, English accents, Victorian clothes, Westminster Abby, a good dose of historical accuracy and Greyhounds (Prince Albert owned Greyhounds), then this is a good choice.


Rise of the Guardians


Fun for the entire family, follow Jack Frost as he teams up with Santa and his friends to stop the Boogey Man. They meet a boy with a Greyhound and there's a great chase scene featuring a surprisingly buff Easter Bunny.


Lady and the Tramp


Did you know in the original premise for this film there was supposed to be a love triangle between Tramp, Lady, and Boris the Borzoi? Well, that story line didn't make the final cut but Boris is still in the scene at the pound. We still like the romance and will never forget the spaghetti kiss. We’re not so fond of the “when the baby comes the dog goes” story line, but at least in the end the parents get a clue.


The Simpson's Movie


Where would this iconic American family be without their faithful canine companion, Santa's Little Helper? Well, probably a little better off financially . . . but not nearly as happy!



Honorable Mentions: These movies may not feature Sighthounds, but they're still full of canine love and worth a try some cold winter's evening . . .


Marley and Me


A cute couple, Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson, adopt a cute yellow lab puppy who grows into a cute but incorrigible adult (who will definitely make you feel better about your less-than-obedient dogs). Life ensues, life lessons learned and then, well, you know, dogs don’t live forever.


Best in Show


A mock-documentary that follows five pampered pooches (alas no Sighthounds) and their ridiculously delusional owners as they compete against each other in the Mayflower Kennel Club Dog Show. If you’ve seen it already, watch it again. If you missed it, be sure to go to the restroom before you push play or you’re likely to pee your pants laughing.




Yes, the main character is a pig, but the supporting characters are border collies, and there are some cute sheep into the mix, too. And then there is one of the greatest movie lines ever: "That'll do, Pig. That'll do."


My Dog Skip


Skip is a spunky Jack Russell terrier owned by a struggling young boy in 1940s Mississippi. The dog is cute and smart. He's also a bit star-crossed and cheats death once, but not forever. Be sure you have the tissues handy.


Must Love Dogs


A divorcee struggles with getting back into the dating pool and is looking for someone who “must love dogs.” The movie is pretty lame, but since we totally agree with the title, we’re going with it.



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One thought on “For Your Winter Entertainment: A Completely Random List of Dog-Related Movies
  1. A movie specifically about a greyhound(s) is The Mighty Celt. A moving film, but make sure you have a box of tissues with you when you watch. It’s basically about a young Irish boy, working for a trainer who races greyhounds, and the cast-off dog that the boy tries to train by himself. One of the stars is Gillian Anderson.