Tristi Got Skunked

Really, few things are worse than your dog showing up at your back door covered in eau d’ skunk. Tristi, the galgo, did that last week, after getting spritzed right in the face. Mom Erica was, alas, not prepared. Hubby was dispatched to Walmart, smelling none too fresh himself. Truly, a night to remember.

So we share this important recipe with you. Stock up now if your pup is at risk for being skunkified this spring and summer.

Magic Potion

1 quart 3% peroxide
1/4 cup baking soda (NOT powder or washing soap or any other substitutes)
1-2 tsp dish soap (some say best results come by blue Dawn)

Mix it up, immediately apply liberally to dog (don't get it in their eyes) and let it sit a few minutes before rinsing it off well. Try to apply it carefully around ears, if the pup got a faceful. (If you’re dying to know the chemical reason behind why this works, go here.)

If their eyes are red and watery, they need attention, too. Rinse them out with human eyewash solution.

Apparently, there is a second magic potion, we learned from a SHUG adopter and vet from Alaska (do they have skunks in Alaska?) Believe it or not, Massengill douche works to de-skunk. We really don’t want to know how or why.

Two ounces with one gallon of water is good for small to medium pets; double that for bigger dogs. Pour over the dog, wait 15 minutes and then rinse. Follow up with regular shampoo. One drawback – Hubby might not be thrilled about picking up this item at Walmart in a skunk emergency.

How is Tristi doing? Erica say it’s a bit hard to tell. According to her --The entire world smells like skunk to me. Even outside. I think it's in my nose.

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5 thoughts on “Tristi Got Skunked
    1. Re Tristie’s “skunk”s story– I laughed a lot…thanks for your receipts on de-skunking.

      Years ago, living on hillside one of our two “mixes” (sort of a Shelty mix…lots of thick hair)… used to chase skunks up the hill…hoping to get rid of the intruder…but you know who got the worst of that…anyway “Pixey” never learned and we had to keep LOTS of giant-sized cans of tomato juice on hand to bathe-soak her with, making her sit in a large washtub 15-30 minutes. When really bad…in the face…it was a repeat process…sometimes several times, but at least it wasn’t caustic to her eyes/ears.j.
      She just kept trying to lick off the Tom.J. I’m glad though you shared your receipts; probably faster acting than Tomato Ju.

      God bless you both and Tristi!

    2. Thank you Holly for your kindness: of Response to my May 11th comments.

      By “your receipts” I meant: If you could please share your two “skunk-de-ordor formulas with the mass “general public”-all those dog (animal) lovers, across theTV, so many people simply don’t know what to do at all if they’ve never encountered the skunk situation before…and because the skunk-smell is so quickly invading people go into panic mode. But, if armed w/info ahead of time…like quickly going to the LIV-WELL NETWORK.COM/Animals, it can save time and stress to know what to purchase…FAST.

      I’m in an area where there are “lots & lots” of dog lover walking dogs & children alike and, although below the “hillsides” still lots of cayotes, skunks and other wildlife come down from those hills more often than anticipated. Even so, skunks are even along the roads and freeways; they’re not scared of traffic out here; they simply put their tail UP and continue on their way!

  1. After submitting reply a couple min. ago I looked at Tristie’s picture again; She is so beautiful. My second (of 9), was a magony-dark brindle also; I adopted her from a shelter–she was 12-1/2 and deaf and with “breeding-background papers…that’s how we knew her age; came in shelter from a divorce situation…she too was BEAUTIFUL…She was w/me another 4 yrs…training her with hand signals was no problem at all, for her or me.

  2. Holly,
    No wonder you were confused on my original mesg. to you…on receipts, when it should have been “receipes”. Guess you figured that out by now. Hope Tristi is w/out skunk activity now-a-days.