Halloween Means Fun and Games – And Dangers

In the universal language of civilized society (and grumpy old people who go to bed at 8 p.m.) turning your outside light off on Halloween night is a cue for trick-or-treaters to pass you by --- hopefully without egging your house. As a child we were all taught to respect that rule.

As dog owners we need to find our dogs' cues and respect them, too. Drooling, pacing, and panting are all signs that your dogs would much rather be tucked up safe in their beds than downstairs greeting a constant stream of trick-or-treaters at your door. These are the times when crates are most handy.

There are exceptions to this. There are dogs that absolutely love the kids and candy that show up on Halloween door. But beware! Both can be dangerous! Kids are notorious for opening or leaving open doors. We highly recommend putting a baby gate across your door on the outside. This will allow you to open your door but still have a barricade between your dog and the great outdoors. Even if you have a screen door installed, there is usually still room between the front door and the screen door to put up a cheap baby gate.

Consider also keeping a leash on your dog if you’re going to be opening and closing the door all night to neighborhood ghosts and goblins.

For the dangers of Halloween candy, see the video by SHUG foster mom Tonya Christiansen of Must Love Dogs  in Grand Haven, Michigan. She recommends bypassing the human stuff and giving your dog some great, healthy snacks that won't have you cleaning up a big mess the morning after!

Now that you've gotten the dangers of Halloween under control . . . it's time for some fun! What is your dog going to be this year? Kaiser was a big hit as Little Red Riding Hood's Grandma. Check back all this week for more dogs ‘n costumes.

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