Ten Products Every Sighthound Owner Needs – Just In Time for Christmas

Ok, we know there are way more than 10. Every Sighthound needs 10 martingale collars alone. But this list is about those perhaps little known, usually inexpensive, time-saving, hound-saving, can’t-live-without products.

Just so you know, none of these products paid us to say these nice things. But if you buy them through Amazon Smile, SHUG gets a small kick-back that adds up for the dogs we help.

  1. The Pet Cam. Every wanted to know what is going on in your house when you are away? Think you’re too technologically challenged to rig up a camera? Think again. With Drop Cam, all you need is $150 bucks and an existing wireless connection. It literally is “plug and play.” You do need to find a location that gets a good wireless connection, and place the camera in a room where the dogs are confined. For an additional $8 a month, you can get the feed recorded so you can go back in time and find out who really did eat the new couch cushion.
  2. caribinerCarabiners. These little pieces of mountain climbing equipment are your insurance if your leash clip fails. They're also priceless as a third hand in the car. Attach one to the luggage hooks, child seat latch hooks, or even the base of your head rest for added security getting dogs in and out of the car. You can find them here or even at your local hardware store. They’re $10 or less. Cheap insurance.
  3. The Zoom Groom. This little $12 piece of plastic delivers a nice massage while you’re de-shedding your Greyhound, Galgo or other short-haired hound. While it’s quite effective simply as a grooming tool, what makes this special is how much the hounds enjoy the soft bristles and how it helps those pups who are a bit shy or reluctant to interact. It’s great for dogs not that comfortable with direct petting.
  4. Wiggles Wags and Whiskers Harness.  Some dogs walk better in a harness. harnessIt gives you a bit more control. This is especially true for young dogs, energetic dogs and those who haven’t had much experience on a leash. It’s easy to put on (add the carabiner, see above) and comes in pretty colors, which we know is especially important.
  5. Thundershirt. If you have a thunder-phobic pup, you might consider this form-fitting coat. It claims to apply “a gentle, constant pressure that has a dramatic calming effect for over 80 percent of dogs.” It’s less than $40. If you’ve got a really anxious dog (not just with thunder), it’s totally worth trying.
  6. The Kong. It’s red. It’s lumpy. It’s weird. But when you stuff peanut butter inside it, pop it in the freezer and leave it with your hound when you depart – well, you’ll be singing a different tune. It can definitely help as a tool against separation anxiety or even just a fun treat.
  7. Mother bunny. It’s the stuffy that puts all other stuffies to shame. It is damn near indestructible. Not that we want to challenge you to test this theory, but even the most dedicated stuffy killer will find he’s met his match against the mother of all stuffies.
  8. couchThe baby gate. They come in all shapes and sizes and this one can be extended up to 63". They can be fancy furniture or utilitarian. They can be attached to the wall or free standing (depending on the respect level of your pooch). But they give you control over your dogs, who, let’s face it, really don’t need to be lounging on your white leather couch when no one else is home.
  9. The squirt gun. Although the actual gun styled ones are fun, they tend to leak. A spray bottle may not be as exciting but it gets the job done. We recommend one for every room.  And just plain water is fine although a dash of vinegar doesn’t hurt. It’s the perfect “no uh uh” that doesn’t require you to even rise from your comfy chair to deliver the punishment. Depending on how reluctant your dog is to give up the bad behavior, the VOG (voice of God) may need to be used in conjunction with the spray. We note the VOG also does not require you to actually move.
  10. The tag collar. All SHUG dogs come with one. We even did a previous blog post about them. We add them here for added emphasis. Without a tag collar your dog is naked. And that’s just wrong.

By the way, here’s a link to our new Amazon store: http://astore.amazon.com/s01ec4-20. Oh, and we know Beans-the-Christmas dog isn't a Sighthound, but can you blame us for running his photo anyway?


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4 thoughts on “Ten Products Every Sighthound Owner Needs – Just In Time for Christmas
  1. Aid4greys (( a 501 (c) 3 organization)) would like to thank you for supporting our Mother Bunnies and our other toys. There are almost 400 lucky sight hounds that got a change to experience all the fun and comfort our bunnies bring into their lives. This has been our most successful year yet. Because of your recommendations and others, several new customers were able to get bunnies just in time for Christmas. Thanks again.

    Please give us permission to put your glowing comments on our website.

    Pat Lewandowski

  2. Pat and I started Aid4Greys in 2004..Unfortunately because of family and personal reasons, I had to withdraw from the mainstream day to day activities of the website

    I was the original Mother Bunny , but passed the “torch” to Pat..and she has been amazing!

    Perhaps you don’t know, but Pat’s major in college was fashion..and when I asked her if she could make a sighthound collar with “panash” she readily agreed…so please check out her collars on our website as well..from tag collars to 2″collars and everything in between…with style at affordable prices!

    Hugs to all

    Mother Bunny 1