Update on Application Processing Time

As the holidays approach, the world slows down. It happens in the Federal government, in the commercial sector, and--sometimes most dramatically--here in volunteer land. Suddenly there are many fewer hands available to transport, to foster, and to process applications.

And that's okay.

If you're an adopter waiting for your application to be processed. CHILL OUT. It's November. Days are shorter, volunteers are busier--and the SHUG director is getting grumpier!

Yes, it may take us 2-3 weeks to get to your application. If you're rude about that, we will be happy to withdraw your application and give your spot to the next person in line. Here's why we can do that . . .


That's right. There are no SHUG dogs sleeping in shelters, in kennels. They're all in foster homes and happily snugged up--probably on the couch or someone's lap. So we're all going to take a deep breath and enjoy our families, our own dogs, our gifts, and our ridiculously huge holiday dinners. Bask in the turkey, people.

SHUG isn't grinding to a halt. We will still be processing applications and we will still endeavor to have them assigned to a volunteer within our customary 1-2 weeks. Once an application is assigned to a processor, there are a lot of variables that determine how quickly they can get through it. Help us along by making sure your personal and vet references are appropriate (have your personal references been to your home, met your dogs; are your pets up to date on vaccine, is this the vet who has your pets' records, are there more than one?) and available. If your best friend is setting off on a month's cruise, you may want to submit a different reference--or know ahead of time that you'll be waiting a month for your application to get to the next step.

And there is a next step. Once your application has been processed, you aren't DONE. We don't do blanket approvals. We MATCH dogs to homes. You may be a wonderful home, but you still may not be a good fit to a particular dog. The final step in the process is an interview with a dog matcher--usually our director or a particular dog's foster parent--to see if you're a possible match.

Please be patient. Please remember when you speak to any member of the SHUG Team that they don't pay us enough to put up with rude people. In fact, they don't pay us at all. We're all taking time away from our "real" jobs, our children, our own pets to help this dog find a home. We hope you'll be a part of that.

Hoping everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving,

The SHUG Team


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