There are good days and bad days . . .

There are good days and there are bad days . . . and sometimes they're the same days. Yesterday we lost Varou (above, image by Beverley Farmer). He was adopted and he had a new family and a new brother and a new name. Varou became Taz. And it really sucks that he only got to be Taz for a month. He passed away yesterday after surgery to remove an obstruction. Yesterday we also found out that another SHUG alum has cancer.

Val came through her dental with flying colors.

But if it were all bad news, we wouldn't be here. The good news yesterday was that Val the Saluki came through her dental surgery with fewer teeth and a lot less pain. April, a sweet Greyhound senior, fractured her skull last week in a freak accident--but the neurologist says she doesn't need surgery and is expected to make a full recovery. Ellie Mae, the borzoi who badly broke her leg in March, is bandage free and off full activity restriction and is now available for adoption.

April hit her head on the car door and fractured her skull.

And the transport the SHUG team has been working on behind the scenes for weeks to move some beautiful Greyhound mommas from Kansas to foster homes on the east coast looks like it's a go! They should be hitting the road tonight and we'll have them tomorrow.

It's the good news that keeps us going.

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