Spotlight on . . . Rabito

spotlightAs John Steinbeck pointed out: The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry . . .


Such was the case of Rabito, a stunning 9-year-old fawn male Galgo left for dead at a Spanish kill shelter when his owner tired of him. He was rescued by Galgos del Sol and then adopted through SHUG to a home in Oklahoma in early October. (If you follow SHUG, you may remember Rabito as the dog who landed at Chicago only to be told the crate he’d just flow in internationally was no longer good enough for the quick flight from O’Hare to Oklahoma City.)


Rabito was much loved and was adjusting well until, unfortunately, he put the resident kitty in the hospital. He’s now in a cat-free foster home and ready for a cat-free forever home. (Kitty is home and recovering, you’ll be glad to hear.)


rabito2Here’s the low-down on this lovely boy:


He wants to please and follows commands easily. No need to raise your voice to correct – it obvious Rabito has lived through a beating or two as he will hit the floor if your voice is too stern or loud. But he does well with men and might prefer them.


Rabito plays well with other dogs and enjoys a good chase around the yard. He will push through a canine throng for a good face rub and will inch along with you if he’s not done. It took him only one day to find the pleasures of a soft dog bed and he sounds off when he finds one with a series of moans and groans.


rabitolHe has been left uncrated with no trouble and does his business outside like a pro. He entertains himself, apparently, when alone as you’ll find stuffies scattered all over the living room. He enjoys chews and treats, although he’ll catch the latter in the air rather than take them from your hand. He also walks well on leash and will bark if someone comes to the door – for those who might like a little bit of a watch dog.


Let us know if Rabito sounds like the perfect addition to your cat-free home! You fill out an application here or email us for more information.

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