Spotlight On . . . Usa

spotlightThough we don't know the details, Usa, as a Spanish Galgo, no doubt had the usual precarious start in life so common there. Then he was rescued by a police officer and brought to the Baasgalgo rescue in Madrid.


Now the three-year-old brindle boy is settling into retirement in the U.S., getting the hang of couches and car rides, polishing his snuggling skills and looking for his forever home.


This is what his foster mom says about this precious boy:


usa2He takes a little while to warm up to you, but if you're that special someone, he will stick to you. He is very sweet. When I get ready for work in the morning, he has to be touching me in some way -- laying down next to me and leaning on my legs or resting on my feet. When I pet him, he so appreciates it. He closes his eyes and leans into it. If I stop, he looks to me like he's wondering why I stopped.


I don't crate him when I’m gone. He just lies on the couch and (knock on wood) doesn't chew anything inappropriate. But he must have things to chew on – antlers, hooves, etc., -- and he LOVES squeaky fuzzies. He has yet to destroy one so maybe he's one of those special dogs that can play with them without destroying them.


He would really enjoy a home with a doggie sibling. None of my dogs want to play with him. He tries to entice them but they just shoot him a dirty look and try to walk away. He is persistent.


usa3Usa has a previously broken leg. He does favor it a bit but he does not let it stand in his way. He runs and plays and pounces. He even walked a 5k with me a couple weeks ago.


I love his ears. They are very expressive and goofy. He makes me smile all the time. This dog is a treasure and will brighten the life of that special someone.


Are you looking for a bit brighter life? Consider adopting Usa! Fill out our online application.




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