Confessions of a Crazy Dog Lady

No words for this abuse.


Someone rescue her!


birthdaygirlSo here I am, happy to post these awesome pictures of my companion at a birthday party. You know the ones - party hat, funny face, birthday decorations. Only to receive the above comments.


Well you see, my companion is a friend. The one who happily greets me from the moment I wake with a gentle nudge, to the instant I pull into my driveway. She always listens with not a lot to say. Mostly in return, she just wants a nice walk, back scratch and jerky treats.


Why yes it is my – can’t even mutter the word -- DOG!!


Some of you will never cross that line or so you say. For now. So be it then, I am a Crazy Dog Lady. It’s true, and I won’t deny it. And It’s only gonna get worse my friends ... 'till the next costume change, paws forward.


P.S. I know she secretly loves it


Editor’s Note: Despite what you thought when you say the headline, this was not written by Michael Owens, SHUG Director and the original Crazy Dog Lady. We shall keep the writer’s name a secret. However, her lovely Spanish galgo is Neve. You can find her adoption photo here, if you wish to uncover the identity of this particular crazy dog lady.


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One thought on “Confessions of a Crazy Dog Lady
  1. How i wish that all dogs on this planet would be ‘abused’ like this lovely lady……. all of them would be living in heaven on earth if that only was the case.