From the Director: The Best Year Ever

I'm not going to lie. The first half of 2016 had been kind of rough in many ways. In fact, it has pretty much sucked. We've had some hard rescues and some difficult transports and we've had to make the hard decision to say no--and the even harder decision to say yes, when we're tired and cranky and just need a break. Sometimes there's another group that can step in. Sometimes the dogs that people bring to our attention are already "safe" in a no-kill shelter or a temporary foster home. We can say no. But sometimes there really isn't anyone else who can say yes, so we do. Even when it's hard.

Kelly's first 10 years
Kelly's first 10 years

On June 15th of last year we were asked to take three senior lurchers. Thelma and Dinah, 9 year old sisters, and Kelly, 10, had been hunting dogs and had lived out their lives with the same owner. They had never lived as house pets and with a history of hunting--quite successfully, according to their proud owner--there was a good chance they might not be small animal safe. We took these three beautiful seniors in knowing they might be hard to place.

Can you say "small animal safe"?

Thelma and Dinah found a wonderful home together. Kelly ended up being adopted by her foster mom, where she proved that you can teach an old dog new tricks.

And Kelly lived happily ever after.

Today Kelly's story ended. Exactly one year later. But it was the best year ever. And we are so grateful to have been able to be a part of that.

Thank you, Kelly. We'll see you again soon at the Rainbow Bridge.

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One thought on “From the Director: The Best Year Ever
  1. You gave her a year that made up for all the other years of hardship. She was loved, got the food she needed, the vet care she needed, no longer had to have puppies…. and had her own family. What more can you do?