From the Director: A Winter We’re Happy to See Go On Forever

UPDATE: Winter is out of surgery! He's still seeing pink elephants but he's awake and did great! Remember, if you would like to help fund Winter's medical expenses, you can donate on the website at or participate in our special emergency auction at

When the vet tells you that your 2-year-old Borzoi has osteosarcoma, getting a second opinion is a given. And then a third. There are some things you just aren't ever going to be ready to hear. Winter's owner exhausted every option, but the answer remained the same. A tough decision had to be made.

Enter SHUG.

There may be some who will criticize our decision to move forward with Winter's treatment, but the bottom line is that this dog deserves a chance. He's just two years old and has never had the opportunity to live the life of a pet. He's never fallen asleep on the couch, draped across someone's lap--and right now he's in too much pain to do that. So today Winter is having his leg amputated.

winterfacePlease stay tuned for updates on this special boy. And if you can afford to help with his surgery costs, please consider donating by clicking the button below. All donations are tax-deductible and will go directly to Winter’s vet costs.

Thank you,

Ms. Michael Owens, Director
The Sighthound Underground

P.S. We're holding a special emergency auction to help raise funds for Winter's surgery. To donate items or bid, you can join the auction at Note: the auction is a group and you need to join the group to participate.

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2 thoughts on “From the Director: A Winter We’re Happy to See Go On Forever
  1. We agree with your decision. When my 6 year old was diagnosed with osteo, we moved ahead with amputation and chemo as well. There is still so much life left in these hounds. It seems like they deserve a chance to stay on longer, even if it turns out to be only a little while.