Spotlight On . . . Intrepid

spotlightLet’s give props where they are due – Intrepid, a three-year-old ex-racing Greyhound, is awesome on walks. He doesn’t sniff every blade of grass. He doesn’t pee on every tree. He doesn’t pull or weave back and forth. Intrepid just walks like a true gentleman right by your side and is a joy to stroll with. Are you looking for a great walking dog? Intrepid is your man.


It doesn’t hurt that he’s incredible handsome with a beautiful fawn color and a bit of eye liner. And did we mention he’s certifiably cat safe after living with four cats in one of his previous foster homes?


intrepidIntrepid gets along very well with dogs – both greyhounds and those less-fortunate breeds – with no aggression, no growling, no space issues. He is very sweet and loving and attentive to humans, too, but not “in your space” all the time. He is very calm and quiet around kids and stands still for pets. And he sleeps through the night without a peep, eats well and poops just fine.


Speaking of eating, he is a bit food focused. The poor dude is on the skinny side. He’s tall and when he puts on some weight he should be around 75 pounds. For now, he’d like an extra snack or two each day.


Of course, everybody has a vice and for Intrepid, he’s a bit too curious for his own good. He likes to explore and get into things, so having food off the counter and keeping other tempting items behind closed doors is best.


Intrepid retired from the track in Mobile, Alabama, and is more than ready to settle into a sweet retirement. If you’re interested in Intrepid, put in an application here. His current foster mom will very reluctantly give him up.

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