Foster Friday — Polly

Polly is a Spanish Galgo in foster care in New York, hanging with Tristi-the-Galgo and Jiffy-the-Greyhound. She’s looking for a forever home with a fenced yard (6’ fence for this girl) and a playmate. Her foster mom gives us an update:

Polly is a funny girl. She still avoids Paul and other men except when she forgets. We'll be walking outside and she'll walk up beside Paul before she realizes, then goes “ooops I'm afraid of him” and runs around behind me.

She's a morning dog. She always wakes me up between 6 and 7 to take her out. We've talked her into letting us sleep awhile after that but she is very indignant if we try to stay in bed past 9 -- she's a morning dog, unlike our two who are happy to sleep late.

She loves running in the fenced area with the other dogs--out there she's happy, confident, not at all submissive (in fact between her and Jiffy I think Tristi's getting a little bit henpecked out there. Both of them chase after him when he tries to play fetch.)

She's a friendly, lovey girl in the house with me, although sometimes can be a little skittish and run off to the crate or her bed corner.But she's getting more used to what happens in here so it's happening a little less often. She is a great couch snuggler and the other day got downright playful when I took the sheets off the bed. She and Tristi tried to keep me from removing all the nice soft bedding and were pouncing on my hands and play-biting with each other. When I come in from outside she's waggy and usually kisses me. I think she's generally a happy, friendly girl . . . she just needs some time and exposure to more kind men and she'll be fine with everyone.

polly2I keep increasing the amount of food I give her but her ribs are still showing--even though she eats at least as much as Jiffy. (Note: Polly is around 55 pounds and could stand another 5. We’ve found it can take some time for the Galgos to get to a good weight once in this country.)

Sometimes she gets nervous and runs away from her bowl, especially in the morning when she sees squirrels outside and wants us to get going for our morning walk. I just tell her to eat and hold out the bowl and she eats some more, and we repeat that until it's all gone.

She’s a lovely girl and will make some lucky family a wonderful dog.

To put in an application for Polly, go here.

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