Spotlight on . . . Zaina

spotlightThis week's blog brought to you by the letter Z.


A is for adorable but Z is for Zaina! And Zaina, a smooth Saluki from Qatar, definitely puts the Q in Quirky!


Zaina is a sweet, somewhat opinionated girl from the desert. She came to SHUG with a surgically repaired leg that didn't work very well. After hydrotherapy to strengthen her leg so that she could get around better (and play, play, play) we placed her in a wonderful home. Unfortunately, we were the victims of our own success. Zaina's leg healed so well she bounded over her adopter’s four-foot fence. Now Zaina is looking for a new home--one with a 6-foot fence or one that leash walks.


zaina5Zaina's "bounce" was heartbreaking for all involved, including Zaina, who was not happy to be back in fostercare.


It took a few days, but fortunately, Zaina got over her initial depression. She began to open up again and show her funny, spunky self with her foster galgo brother and a spitfire of a Boston terrier, who is her special friend.


What Zaina’s foster mom says:


In spite of her broken leg, which she does favor sometimes, she LOVES going for walks, and laying in the grass relaxing. She is good in the house, and fine with stairs. She is a talker; she has gotten all the dogs (including the Boston) to talk and even roo. She is crate trained, although she does occasionally shred stuff in her crate. Well, that or the bed just spontaneously combusts. We’re not quite sure.


She LOVES lying on the human bed, and will sleep with her person if allowed. Zaina can be a picky eater, but a little chicken broth and cut up hot dogs usually gets her eating right up. She LOVES venison jerky, and she requests a forever home that will feed her Jerky whenever she looks cute -- which is all the time.


She is incredibly cute and sweet, and watching her play with her foster brothers is very rewarding.


We feel Zaina needs an experienced Sighthound home where she has at least one canine playmate. (Cats are OK. She’ll ignore them.) Because Zaina took it so hard to be removed from her original home, we’d like an adopter in the Washington or Baltimore metro area who can visit several times and get Zaina’s stamp of approval.


We feel she will adapt very well to a new forever home, but we expect she might be grumpy or depressed for a few days, as she was in her foster home.


Does Zaina sound like your girl? Fill out an application or send us an email for more information.


UPDATE: Zaina is meeting an approved adopter this week! If all goes well this girl will soon be home for good! But we still have other Salukis, Greyhounds, and other Sighthounds looking for homes so if you're ready to open your heart and your home to one of our special dogs, please let us know!

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2 thoughts on “Spotlight on . . . Zaina
  1. Four foot fence?
    I can’t imagine imagining that even an eight week old puppy could be stopped by that little fence.
    Zaina is real cute!