Do you remember the story about bacon . . . um, I mean Reyna? Reyna was a very shy galga who was lost while her foster mom was on vacation. For three days Reyna camped out in the Spooky Woods, an abandoned Halloween exhibit that was ridiculously terrifying in the daylight. Once we had set up a trap for Reyna, our volunteers had to enter the Spooky Woods every couple of hours throughout the night to check the trap. Cue the scary music!

reyna in the barn

We were very, very lucky to have awesome volunteers in the area--and some nowhere near the area but willing to drive hours to help out! One of the locals who came to help out had Greyhounds of his own. He was a huge part of the search and after Reyna was found, kept in touch and came to our SHUG events with his beautiful hounds, Casanova and April.

This last week we were devastated to learn that this awesome man had passed away. While his friends and family were still dealing with his loss, no one was quite sure what to do with his hounds. These sweet seniors, one of which was recently diagnosed with Leukemia, needed to be kept together. They were from two different groups and neither had a foster home available that could accommodate both dogs. Under the circumstances, SHUG offered to take Cass and April and with the permission of both groups and the adopter's family, we were able to move them to a foster home this week.

Casanova was recently diagnosed with Leukemia.
Casanova was recently diagnosed with Leukemia.

Not only are these two extraordinarily beautiful and sweet in their own right, but they carry with them the good karma of their dad, who was an man willing to go the extra mile for a dog he'd never even met. He made the world a better place. We will honor his memory by finding Casanova and April a wonderful home where they will have the life he would have wanted for them.

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