Galgopalooza Day 2: Bernie-the-Beautiful

Who you calling “beautiful”? Bernie would like everyone to know he’s handsome. And he certainly is. His foster mom says he's more than just a pretty face -- and you will fall in love with him in a second. Everyone does. Bernie is the last of the galgo/yellow lab cross pups we brought over from Spain. We have no idea why he’s still here!


Bernie is young, but not a puppy monster. At 50ish pounds, he’s not too big. He’s perfect in the house, great with other dogs, loving and sweet, with no issues with men, kids or cats. He and his brothers and sisters have never known trauma or anything but love. And his sweet demeanor and zest for live reflects this.


Is Bernie the perfect addition to your home? Put in your application here.

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7 thoughts on “Galgopalooza Day 2: Bernie-the-Beautiful
  1. He IS beautiful! Just like his little sister, Pepita! Oh, how I wish my male would be okay with another male – Bernie would have a home with his sister… but alas, Merlin gets worried…. I love his sister so much and am sure that Bernie is as lovable as Pepita. He will make someone so happy. If you are worried that he is not pure galgo, don’t be – his sister is more galgo than anything else – the lab part appears to be minimal – everything about her is galgo and Bernie looks just like her! I hope he finds a home soon, he deserves the best.

  2. He looks just like my white min-pin foster, especially in the face. They both have that pensive expression. Bernie is so distinguished he could be The Most Interesting Man in the World.

  3. Bernie is so cute! I adopted Beau, Bernie’s brother, a little over a month ago and he is very sweet too! Beau is the 5th out of the 6 Galgo/Labs to be adopted. Bernie looks identical to Beau’s new sister Bella, rescued from the Caymen Islands by The Humane Society of Broward County, where I adopted her. Beau is very happy, fun, sweet, and getting along great with his new siblings Bella, and my 15 year old cat Statyc, aka Wormie. Beau loves the lizards here in Florida and loves to go for walks. He also gets along great with other dogs, men, woman and kids. I’m sure Bernie will be a fantastic, loveable dog for whoever decides to give him his forever home!