You have responsibilities. Stay home.

Mick the Borzoi.

People ask me all the time if adoption fees are tax deductible. For that you have to ask an accountant. What I can tell you is that the dog you have adopted is not an asset. You didn't get something for your adoption fee that will ever make you rich. You've signed a contract that you won't race them for money, sell them for profit, or breed them.

What you have taken on is--in all practical terms--a liability. You've signed a contract that you will pay for your dog's vet care, monthly heartworm prevention, nutritious food, and whatever vaccinations and registrations your area requires. You have to keep them in collars (it isn't spelled out in the contract but let's face it, they need some fancy damn collars) and you've taken on the responsibility for whatever they destroy or eat.

When you adopt a dog you are taking on a burden. Not just to provide for them financially, but also their physical and emotional needs as well.

And that brings us to this week in American history.

I know that the doctors and nurses and sanitation workers and food delivery folks don't have the option to sit on their couches. But for everyone else...

Stay the fuck home.

Seriously. There's a raging pandemic out there and the political climate is uncertain to say the least. There are "events" planned in all 50 states between today and January 21st. Don't be there.

Please go to the store today and get food for yourself and your dog for the next week and then go home. Snuggle your dog. Binge Bridgerton and the Queen's Gambit. Eat all of the ice cream you bought by Sunday. Order Chinese. But please, stay home.

Your dog needs you.

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