Better Living through Chemistry…and Chemistry

Aquila came to SHUG on the last flight from Qatar before the CDC dog ban went into effect this past July. He is a 2-year-old purebred saluki who was dumped in the desert and was nearly feral by the time he came into rescue. Aquila blossomed in fostercare in Qatar but really backslid after his flight to the US. He arrived full of fear.

Better living through chemistry...

Like many dogs, Aquila's fear and anxiety caused him to retreat from humans and to lash out physically when he felt like he was being restrained. Aquila would scratch and nip when his foster mom tried to put a harness on him. The vet prescribed anti-anxiety meds for Aquila and it helped him immensely. His foster mom was able to earn his trust and begin to see his true personality again.

At the end of October, another foster arrived in Aquila's foster home. Giza is a 1-year-old whippet mix from Hawaii. Giza has zero fears. Her foster mom describes her as a little ADHD! She just wants to play and loves everyone--human and canine.

The other kind of chemistry...

Together, Aquila and Giza are magic. He is twice her size, but she gives him the confidence to face the world without fear. And he plays with her and tires her out so she doesn't drive everyone else crazy.

From their foster mom:

Giza has zero fears, Aquila is still learning to trust completely, but he’s come a VERY long way since July. He’s a very sweet dog once he trusts you a bit, and he comes to me several times a day for pets, belly rubs, to be praised (which is very important to him), and kisses on his nose. He sleeps in bed every night, and likes to cuddle next to me throughout the day. Aquila LOVES Giza, and she loves everyone, especially any dog who will play with her. Now Aquila likes playing with all the dogs, because he feels his place finally. They have become closely bonded, and are a very sweet pair. My hope is that they might be adopted together. Giza is such a positive influence and best friend for Aquila….and their high energy level is a perfect match. They really are perfect for each other ❤️.

If you might be interested in adopting both of these special dogs, who came from opposite sides of the world to find each other, please visit our website for more information and to submit an application.

UPDATE: Aquila and Giza are adopted!

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